Sunday, September 8, 2019

THICC AF 2018: #40 - 21

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40. D'Angelo “May I? Standing Unshaken”
D'Angelo loves Red Dead Redemption 2 so much that he refused to leave RockStar's offices until 5AM each night, playing the game until very late for weeks straight. Eventually the game creators were just like, "you know, if you love the game so much, why don't you go get married to it, or go write a song for it or something." Figuring D'Angelo would be like "lol, good one," he instead responds "well, that's quite a fine idea you got there, and I think I might do just that!" And the game creators said back, "Which one, get married to the game or write a song for it?" And then D'Angelo responds, "Both ideas are quite sharp. I'll get back to you on that." This is all verbatim and true, by the way. There is a 2019 version of this song floating around on streaming services that is not the original version posted to Youtube back in November 2018. The song feels a lot less complete without the long intro, similar to what usually would happen when radio stations would butcher the intro of "Really Love" (on the few R&B stations that bothered to play it early in 2015). Speaking of that, we have not forgotten D'Angelo saying Black Messiah was intended as a double-album, and that there's another LP of unreleased jams ready to drop at any given moment. Perhaps more videogame creators should give D'Angelo free shit in exchange for new songs since this is now officially the only thing left that motivates him. S.O.S. Plz halp. We need you D.

39. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats “Bedouin”

Unkie Sid dishes out another dope TRACK 7 for your spaced out enjoyment.

38. Kids See Ghosts f/ Louis Prima “4th Dimension”
Most artists stick to the same lane when considering guest attributions, although Kanye is not most artists. His name appears alone throughout his very collaborative Yeezus LP. A few years earlier, MBDTF's metadata wisely omitted the exhaustive list of guests on "All Of The Lights."

Despite Kanye's further notoriety for lifting samples without clearing licensing rights, the metadata applied to Billboard's chart stats list "4th Dimension" with an unusual guest-spot from Louis Prima. His Christmas song from 1936 supplies the song's haunting, jazzy foundation, and Kanye's guest-tag secured Louis Prima's current world record for the longest stretch of weeks between chart placements on the Hot 100.

"4th Dimension" also marks the return of Kanye's trademark "Jesus Walks" drums, long absent from his music since around the time of Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Without any other proof, we suspect "4th Dimension" experienced its creative genesis around the same era, possibly intended (alongside 2010's "Christmas In Harlem") as part of an abandoned Kanye holiday LP.

37. Charly Bliss “Heaven”
36. Dilly Dally “Sober Motel”
35. Doe “My Friends”
34. Jo Passed “MDM”
33. Swearin’ “Future Hell”

Whoever they get to curate Side A of the Angus 2 soundtrack now owes us several thousand dollars. We accept Western Union or Traveler's Checks ONLY. Four of these were released within a 3 week span at the start of the 2018-2019 academic school year. The kids really want this; they just don't know it yet.

32. Stove “Safe Guy”


31. Unknown Mortal Orchestra “American Guilt”

30. Negative Scanner “Shoplifter”

29. Bali Baby “Backseat”
Q: Should "Baby Shark" be in this list?
A: Yeah probably.

28. No Age “Popper”

27. Ovlov “Grab It From The Garden”
Joining "The Great Alligator" and "Dumboy" in the Stovlov epics canon.

26. Rae Sremmurd f/ Pharrell “Chanel”

25. Robyn “Ever Again”

24. Windhand “Diablerie”

23. Stefflon Don “Lil Bitch (Intro)”

22. Beak> “King of the Castle” / Beak> “Harvester”

21. Sleep “Marijuanaut’s Theme”

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