Sunday, December 29, 2019

Viddles 2019 #3: The Boyboy West Coast "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)"

Okay, so this is not a traditional music video. But also we don't think anything like this will ever happen again.

We'd like to think a large portion of the success of "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)" has a lot to do with Boyboy's engagingly peculiar features. His unusual eyes are starry and friendly with naturally lush eyelashes and full arched eyebrows resting below a pair of sunglasses that never moves below his forehead. Then there's the empty double styrofoam cup. "Bottoms up!" calls out the meatwad-autotune as the BoyBoy takes large sips of air. But without it, the video wouldn't be the same. He needed that prop. He's also having the time of his life with natural shining charisma. It was a perfect enough video to become the first and possibly only instance of an unknown artist blowing up after lip-synching to their own unreleased song over TikTok.

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