Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan

Gonna take a wild guess that this is the only truly dope story on WWE right now:

I Know What Ya Thinkin

It's always a good episode whenever they bring back this guy.

In celebration of his recent return, we'd like to propose a 9-episode marathon collecting his appearances over the years.

Monday, November 11, 2019

MTVZ: Issue #21 (November 2019 with Big Chungas on the cover)

We have a tag-line for MTVZ.


So now we can market MTVZ a lot better because we have a tag-line.

Back issues of MTVZ are now available!!

MTVZ Issue #15 (September 2018 with Skeletor on the cover)

MTVZ Issue #18 (March 2019 with Steven Tyler and Oprah on the cover)

Not sure how many more of these will ever happen, but here is the latest and greatest edition of MTVZ.

Friday, October 18, 2019

"Get That Money Based Freestyle"

2019 will be remembered as the only year when rap/country hybrids didn't make eardrums bleed. The trend is destined to become passe very soon.

The latest and possibly final submission to this narrow 5-6 song canon arrived a few weeks ago from none other than Lil B The Based God, deep in his Hunchback of BasedGod mixtape.

And we firmly believe that it's the greatest song in the world right now. No, seriously.

What's The Deal With Curse Word?

The deal with Curse Word is that they're a Boston area band with a new sick album called Your Name. Catch it, people.

Daniel Johnston Will Haunt You This Halloween

We never got to post an official RIP for Daniel whose passing was announced on September 11th.

Satan and ghosts recur throughout his music; we're not 100%, but he may have been a believer in earthly spiritual continuation after death. He seems childlike enough to get a kick out of haunting his fans.

Plan on Daniel Johnston's ghost showing up in your bedroom this October. It'll be great.