Friday, January 3, 2020


You're crazy for this one.

Hugh Downs' and Barbara Walters' favorite year is here.

The new MTVZ has all 100 from MTVZ's 2019 Video Countdown (starting with #1 and working up from there) along with many longer and stranger bumpers. We tried to close it with that creepy stop-motion Alice In Wonderland movie from the late 80s but Youtube immediately removed it for whatever reason.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Get Ready For This One Because It's MTVZ's Top 100 Of 2019 Music Video Countdown

Forget all your troubles America, because MTVZ is here with the 2019 shit that you need.

Stick with us for 100 videos of 2019 dopeness. That's right, it's MTVZ's Top 100 of 2019 Music Video Countdown.

We figured why the fuck not and let's post this now?

The edition of MTVZ with all 100 clips will be posted later this weekend. In the meantime here's some spoilers...

100. A Boogie wit da Hoodie f/ 6ix9ine “Swervin’”
99. YG f/ DaBaby “Stop Snitchin’”
98. Robyn “Ever Again”
97. Howell Dawdy “Illegal”
96. Potty Mouth “22”
95. Gatecreeper “From the Ashes”
94. Kim Gordon “Sketch Artist”
93. Tennis System “Such A Drag”
92. Hellrazor “Landscaper”
91. Asap Ferg “Floor Seats”

90. Stella Donnelly “Tricks”
89. Chemical Brothers “We’ve Got To Try”
88. Mozzy “Bail Bond”
87. Fuming Mouth “Fatalism”
86. Skating Polly “Hail Mary”
85. Halfsour “Paper Window”
84. Girl Ray “Show Me More”
83. Missy Elliott “Throw It Back”
82. The Get Up Kids “Lou Barlow”
81. Field Mouse “Heart of Gold”

80. Blood Incantation “Slave Species of the Gods”
79. The Claypool Lennon Delirium “Blood and Rockets”
78. (Sandy) Alex G “Gretel”
77. Kilo Kish “Spark”
76. Slipknot “Solway Firth”
75. Pet Fox “Be Alone”
74. Whitney “Valleys (My Love)”
73. Lil B “Task Force Let Us In”
72. Danny Brown “Dirty Laundry”
71. 2 Chainz f/ Lil Wayne & E-40 “2 Dollar Bill”

70. Ex Hex “Rainbow Shiner”
69. Casey Veggies “Stop Playin”
68. Koffee “Rapture”
67. Ceremony “In The Spirit World Now”
66. Hatchie “Without A Blush”
65. Mac Demarco “Here Comes the Cowboy”
64. Rosalia “Millionaire”
63. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa “One Kiss”
62. BEAK> “Life Goes On”
61. Ariana Grande “7 Rings”

60. Charly Bliss “Capacity”
59. Charli XCX “Gone”
58. Carly Rae Jepsen “Want You In My Room”
57. YG “Hard Bottoms & White Socks”
56. A Boogie wit da Hoodie “Look Back At It”
55. MGMT “In The Afternoon”
54. Pile “Bruxist Grin”
53. Haroinfather “Tunnel Of Love”
52. ShittyBoyz “Super Smash Bros”
51. Billie Eilish “Bury a Friend”

50. Otoboke Beaver “Don’t Light My Fire”
49. Sheer Mag “Hardly To Blame”
48. Doja Cat f/ Rico Nasty “Tia Tamera”
47. Maren Morris “Girl”
46. Fury “Vacation”
45. Denzel Curry “Ricky”
44. Young Guv “Roll With Me”
43. Cardi B & Bruno Mars “Please Me”
42. Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now”
41. YG “In The Dark”

40. Saweetie “My Type”
39. Zig Zags “Punk Fucking Metal”
38. Palehound “Aaron”
37. Kash Doll “Ready Set”
36. Juice Wrld “Lucid Dreams”
35. DaBaby “Bop”
34. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Crime Pays”
33. Blanco Brown “The Git Up”
32. Ella Mai “Trip”
31. Lizzo “Truth Hurts”

30. Doja Cat “Rules”
29. Young Guv “Every Flower I See”
28. DaBaby f/ Offset “Baby Sitter”
27. Nilufer Yanya “In Your Head”
26. (Sandy) Alex G “Southern Sky”
25. Glitterer “Destiny”
24. Travis Scott “Sicko Mode”
23. Big Bite “Blue Nine”
22. Sedona “More Love”
21. Fury “Angels Over Berlin”

20. Ariana Grande & Social House “Boyfriend”
19. Young Guv “Try Not To Hang On So Hard”
18. The Boyboy West Coast “You Was At The Club”
17. DaBaby “VIBEZ”
16. Jocko “Muddy Waters”
15. The Chats “Identity Theft”
14. Tyler The Creator “Earfquake”
13. Drake f/ Rick Ross “Money In The Grave”
12. City Girls “Act Up”
11. Lil Tecca “Ransom”

10. Megan Thee Stallion f/ DaBaby “Cash Shit”
09. Windhand “First To Die”
08. Hatchie “Obsessed”
07. Billie Eilish “Bad Guy”
06. Lana Del Rey “The Greatest”
05. Tyler The Creator “A Boy Is A Gun”
04. Lil Nas X “Old Town Road”
03. Slipknot “Unsainted”
02. Lizzo f/ Missy Elliott “Tempo”
01. DaBaby “Suge”

The Final Post Of The 2010s

Happy New Decade from our family to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Kidding, this is the Last Song Of The 2010s


Monday, December 30, 2019

The Last Song of the 2010s

Now that Viddles 2019 is finished, we can get sad that the decade is ending.

This blog started not long before the 2010s began, and now we're here an entire decade later.

Living within the same decade provides a faint aura of freshness to music from 8-9 years ago. And it's likely that freshness will not continue after January 1st. It's just not the way our brains perceive timelines.

We don't know if this will be the most recently released noteworthy 2010s song we hear within this calendar decade, but it's here now. And it's still the 2010s for 41 more hours. And it's Power Trip covering Outburst, so that's a pretty fun thing.

Viddles 2019: The Big Big Peppa Pig List

Wonderful tasty viddles this year.

Top 10:
#10 (tie): Mac DeMarco "Here Comes the Cowboy"
#10 (tie): TNGHT "Gimme Summn"

#9: The Chemical Brothers “We've Got To Try”
#8: Earl Sweatshirt "Nowhere, Nobody"
#7: (Sandy) Alex G “Gretel”
#6. Otoboke Beaver “Don't Light My Fire”
#5: Emiko Shibamura "Akindo Fighter"
#4: 2 Chainz f/ Lil Wayne & E-40 “2 Dollar Bill”
#3: The Boyboy West Coast "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)"
#2: Jocko "Muddy Waters"
#1 (tie): DaBaby “Suge”
#1 (tie): DaBaby f/ Offset “Baby Sitter”
#1 (tie): DaBaby “VIBEZ”

Honorable Mentions:
Rammstein "Deutschland"
Karen O & Danger Mouse "Woman"

Billy V “Real Tune Is Life”
Lil B “Task Force Let Us In”
Hunt the Dinosaur “Destructo”
Little Big "SKIBIDI (Romantic Edition)"
Powder "New Tribe"

For Fun:
ShittyBoyz x Teejayx6 "Super Smash Bros"
Nots "Persona"
Omni "Courtesy Call"
The Chats "Identity Theft"
Pet Fox "Be Alone"
Dan Friel “Killipede”
Hellrazor “Landscaper”

Viddles 2019 #1 (tie): DaBaby “Suge” / DaBaby f/ Offset “Baby Sitter” / DaBaby “VIBEZ”

We needed a way to more appropriately award DaBaby with the "Video Artist Of The Year" designation and properly welcome him to the elite inner circle of video royalty. So it only made sense to tie his three best videos at #1.

Dropping on March 4th, "Suge" was DaBaby's breakthrough. "Bouncing around with joy" is his motive for life. After DaBaby the CEO is shown dancing around the office with a bottle of champagne, a mysterious squirt of diarrhea is shown on an office chair at 1:01. Again at 2:36, DaBaby rings the doorbell just before deciding to piss all over a nearby lawn statue. For the first time in this blog's history, our "Video of the year" includes both doodoo and peepee.

The intro dialogue of "Baby Sitter" seems to foreshadow an obvious "fuck the babysitter" implication, although DaBaby and Offset refreshingly opt to focus on toys, pillow fights, basketball, weed, and throwing money. For once, "boning the hot chick" isn't necessarily the primary objective. (Probably smart considering both dudes are married.) Also we love any video prominently featuring gigantic punchbowls full of sugary colorful cereal. There's also a boom mic operator in the window reflection at 0:56.

The seemingly unending stream of raunch throughout past 25 years of hiphop videos reaches an apex of absurdity with "VIBEZ," borrowing visuals from both A Hard Days Night and another similarly inane trilogy: Busta Rhymes' '97-era collabs with Hype Williams ("Put Your Hands...," "Dangerous," and "Gimme Some More").

Viddles 2019 #2: Jocko "Muddy Waters"

Happy 2nd birthday to "Muddy Waters." The song dropped alongside its video exactly two years ago on December 30, 2017. Despite the glaring discrepancy in calendar year, we made a vow to include it in Viddles 2019 since it brightened up our cloudy year on multiple occasions. It includes the best hackysack sequence in a video since "Say It Ain't So." And there's also hockey. The drummer intentionally resembles Andy Warhol and is intentionally playing quietly so that they don't disturb the neighbors. We later learned the female guest vocalist is not one of the band members, but she shows up for the shoot and gets the shopping cart all to herself. Everyone in this video looks like they could severely kick all of our asses. It's wonderful.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Viddles 2019 #3: The Boyboy West Coast "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)"

Okay, so this is not a traditional music video. But also we don't think anything like this will ever happen again.

We'd like to think a large portion of the success of "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)" has a lot to do with Boyboy's engagingly peculiar features. His unusual eyes are starry and friendly with naturally lush eyelashes and full arched eyebrows resting below a pair of sunglasses that never moves below his forehead. Then there's the empty double styrofoam cup. "Bottoms up!" calls out the meatwad-autotune as the BoyBoy takes large sips of air. But without it, the video wouldn't be the same. He needed that prop. He's also having the time of his life with natural shining charisma. It was a perfect enough video to become the first and possibly only instance of an unknown artist blowing up after lip-synching to their own unreleased song over TikTok.

Viddles 2019 #4: 2 Chainz f/ Lil Wayne & E-40 “2 Dollar Bill”

One of the Tim & Eric regulars (the dude with the hair) makes an appearance here. He's rare for sure, and at one point he holds up a raw steak and says "I'm rare!"

Lil Wayne's big scene on the operating table reminds us of his unfortunate hospitalization scares back in 2012 and then again in 2016/2017. From the looks of it, surgeons were successful in removing the offending blockers, including an entire bottle of hot sauce, a giant red bong, a solid gold brick, a green gord of some sort, a tea kettle, a baby tree, some red women's underwear, a maraca, a statue of three men, a mason jar, a solid gold skateboard, the holy bible, a dollhouse, and finally a two-dollar-bill. The surgeons download a selling app not long afterwards and attempt to sell the skateboard for $9,999.99.

We wonder about BasedGod's thoughts on this one.

Viddles 2019 #5: Emiko Shibamura "Akindo Fighter"

Comment pinned by the artist:

"It's like dragon Ball z was tossed in a blender with the blue Man group while maximum the hormone auditioned for a spot on the fast and furious sound track. I'm sharing this with the world. I think Im crying right now but it's like a super confused happy crying."

Viddles 2019 #6: Otoboke Beaver "Don't Light My Fire"

Entirely shot on the singer's phone attached to a selfie stick during band practice at the band's actual practice space after they finished working their day jobs. And those are probably the outfits they wore to work that day.

We just guessed all of those details by the way; the video doesn't seem to suggest anything different.