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a 38-year-old 8-year-old

We probably should have just said "fuck it" and made this our #1 song of 2016 instead of whatever Anti song felt dopest at the time.

"Needed Me" fucking rules, but if we chose today it might have been "Consideration," but if we're being real, "No More Parties In LA" is probably the best song of the 2010s so far.

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They Call Them Melos Yellows: The Hot TERA MELOS Q&A

In Orlando, Florida, Nick Reinhart is on a couch with members of the touring party for his band Tera Melos. He's calling me over from across the green room. "Mike! Come here and talk to us! Let's hang out!" I'm getting trolled. He knows my band Speedy Ortiz has a set time that begins in 25 seconds, and I know he knows this, so I start cracking up as I grab my forgotten bottled water and run out of the room as quickly as I entered.

This bit happens a few other times. He calls me over in a similar manner 12 days later in San Francisco from the driver's seat of Tera Melos' tour van just as Speedy is moments away from driving across the country back to our homes. I'm pretty sure it's the last thing he said to me in person.

As our bands continued our tour, I recognize this as a good bit. Tera Melos are full of good bits, in-jokes, catchphrases. Some of these date back to the early 2000s when Reinhart and bassist Nathan Latona began playing in bands together near the Sacramento, CA area. Nathan and Nick share a similar dryness in tone that feels deeply rooted.

John Clardy's passion for drums made him a perfect fit when joining Tera Melos circa-2008. Together, the trio's instrumental mastery feels as fluid as the most heralded progressive bands of the '70s. Since that time, they've released three full lengths throughout the 2010s and amassed a loyal cult following. A large fraction of their audience seems comprised of math rock enthusiasts, gear heads, and 20-somethings who can quote full episodes of The Simpsons verbatim. (No negative judgement intended here. Nerds are lit.)

By November 15th in Phoenix, we had four shows left on our tour. Three of them were in their home state of California, which meant they'd be busy on those nights. So I knew I had to strike fast if I wanted an interview. This was my big moment. I approached them voice recorder in-hand and went for it.

TMK: Hello Tera Melos.
Everyone: Hey! What's up?

TMK: What do you call the thing you do when you twist up the bottle?
Nathan: Oh, making the dragon smoke?
TMK: What is that called?
Nathan: Dragon smoke.
Nick: Dragon smoke.
TMK: How do you do it?
Nathan: Well, you drink a bottle of water, and then you-- Well, it's magic!
Nick: You drink a bottle of water, and then you twist it up--
Nathan: You gotta grab the bottle with both your hands and twist it so it looks like you're gonna shoot the cap off at somebody.
Nick: So when you're twisting it up, you get it to where you can feel it heating up, and then you untwist it, and then--
TMK: It's supposed to heat up?
Nick: Yeah. The friction--
Nathan: You're causing heat to make the water in the bottle evaporate.

TMK: Are you pro bottle-flipping?
Nick: As of this tour, I am. So when Speedy Ortiz had the day off-- We played Dallas the other day, and I had a crazy bottle flip that I nailed.
TMK: Really?
Nick: It was on a rim above the door-- an awning kind of thing. And it probably took me 15 tries, and it was maybe 13 feet high or something, and I got it.
TMK: 13 feet high!
Nathan: And also Ron was like, "You're not gonna be able to do it. There's not a ledge there."
Nick: And I proved everyone wrong. Have you seen Rudy?
TMK: Oh man-- The football movie?
Nick: Yeah.
TMK: No.
Nick: Okay. It was like this massive thing. We had a moment.
TMK: Did you tape it?
Nick: No, we didn't get it on tape unfortunately.

TMK: Well that leads me to my next question. Where's Ron? [Their touring sound engineer.]
Nathan: The rumor is that he's sleeping in the van. I haven't seen it for myself.
TMK: Well, you guys are gonna have to answer questions for him on his behalf.

TMK: Okay, so they announced the Warped Tour was ending today.
Nathan: We heard!
TMK: What are your thoughts on the end of the Warped Tour?

John: I have positive memories of it as a teenager, but it's probably a good thing to be wrapping that up. The last time I went, the line-up was pretty depressing.
TMK: Like who?
John: Okay, it was good because Dillinger Escape Plan was there. But the rest of it was all like swooped dyed-hair AP bands.
Nick: I was saying earlier that I would go to the final Warped Tour if it was like NOFX, Bad Religion, Lagwagon. Classic stuff, like a late-'90s, early-2000s Warped Tour line-up.
TMK: Where was the Weezer one?
Nick: I saw Weezer play in San Francisco in 2000.
TMK: It was San Francisco? Okay, because I went to that tour also, but it was in New York City. So Weezer and Papa Roach were off of the bill when I attended.
Nick: We lived in Sacramento, so sometimes we would go to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe Warped Tour, and Weezer did not play Lake Tahoe. I think they played San Francisco, and maybe like San Diego and L.A.
TMK: (To Nathan) Were you at that one also?
Nathan: I did not see them. I was not at the San Francisco one.
Nick: It was amaze-balls.
TMK: Do you love the word amaze-balls?
Nick: I like cool beans.
TMK: Do you love totes magoats?
Nick: I do!

TMK: What are your two favorite Weezer non-album tracks?
John: Man-- For me I would say "Devotion" and-- that's the thing, they're all good.
Nick: I might go with "Suzanne."
TMK: You can choose two! (To John) "Devotion" is your number 1?
John: I think so.
TMK: Right on. (To Nick) And "Suzanne" is your number 1?
Nick: Yeah.
Nathan: Mine is also "Suzanne."
Nick: Okay, well my number 2 is-- I'm blanking on it. Oh, I'm gonna change my number 1, which is "Mykel and Carli."
TMK: That's a very sad song.
John: I would also maybe say "Waiting on You." It's funny because a lot of the b-sides from the golden era are in 6/8, and almost all of them have a china cymbal in there if you listen carefully. A fun nerdy fact.

TMK: (To Sadie) Do you want to ask your Weezer question?
Sadie: You should ask it for me but attribute it to me.
TMK: Okay, we have a contribution from Dupuis. It's "Eff / marry / kill: Rivers, Sharp, Patrick."

Nick: Eff marry kill-- Rivers, Matt Sharp and Pat Wilson.
TMK: Yeah.
Nathan: I'm gonna marry Matt Sharp, I'm gonna fuck Rivers, and I'm gonna kill Pat Wilson.
Sadie: Whaaat?
TMK: Wow!
Nathan: Yeah. I wanna be able to ask Matt Sharp how he got that bass tone. Because he answered for us once, [regarding] the Return Of The Rentals record-- He answered, and I've forgotten it.
Nick: He answered it via tweet. And I tried to find it recently, and he deleted that tweet. I went back through all of his--
TMK: Did he delete his twitter at some point?
Nick: No, he just deleted that specific answer. Okay, I'm going to marry Rivers, I'll fuck Matt Sharp and I'll kill Pat. I feel like I've heard Pat is like a conservative.
Nathan: What?
Nick: That could be false, but I feel like I've heard that before. But it's just rumors. It's "goss."
TMK: (To John) Any thoughts?
John: It's tough.
Sadie: Originally I thought you were gonna kill Rivers.
TMK: Yeah, I thought the same.
Nick: I was considering killing Matt. I don't think he's an interesting musician.
Nathan: Is Rivers? Well Rivers is Rivers.
John: Yeah, but I could meditate with Rivers, so I guess I would marry him. Eff Matt Sharp and kill Mr. Wilson.

TMK: I am sorry for pronouncing your band name incorrectly. This is not actually a question.
Nick: All is forgiven. It's not your fault. It's our fault for choosing a difficult band name to pronounce.
[Note: It's pronounced "Mellows" - not "Maylos."]

TMK: It's time now for the honorary Darl Ferm interview question: "Why?"
Nathan: Just "why?"
TMK: Yeah, that's it. Just "why."
Nick: So, it's a super existential kind of meta thing? Why?
TMK: It can be a very brief answer. Usually people are like "Because!"
Nick: Because fuck it.
Nathan: Because you know, what else are you gonna do?
TMK: Why, John?
John: Because it's there if you want it.

TMK: What's your favorite King Crimson album?
John: Red.
Nick: I will say Beat.
TMK: '80s?
Nick: Yeah.
Nathan: I'm gonna go with the only one I really know which is Discipline.
John: This guy loves Tony Levin.
TMK: Which one is Tony Levin?
John: The bass player.
Nathan: He lied, by the way. He's messing with you.
John: I love Tony Levin.
TMK: Is he also on Red?
John: No that's John Wetton.
TMK: I get all the line-ups confused.
John: John Wetton had some pretty killer tone. Gnarly distorted bass tone.
Nathan: Tony Levin's tight, don't get me wrong. But whenever I have seen videos of him, I'm just like "dude, how? why?"
TMK: Where do you find video of him?
Nathan: Just like anything of him playing. He'll play with a stick, and that's something he can do that nobody else can ever do.
TMK: On Youtube?
Nathan: Yeah.
TMK: Okay, I'm gonna hit you up for some King Crimson on Youtube.
John: I got to see The Crimson Projekct in Coppenhagen a few years ago, and I was shocked when I found out how old Tony Levin was.
TMK: How old are they?
John: He's like early 70s but still super spry and carries his own gear.
Nick: Damn Tony.
John: So thanks again Julie Slick. She hooked it up.
Nathan: I would like to interject that I've tried to listen to King Crimson on Spotify before, and--
TMK: It's not there!
Nick: Yeah, I got Spotify, and King Crimson was one of the first things I went to listen to. Sick, [it's] not there. The second thing I went to listen to: Peter Gabriel. Sick, not there.
Nathan: I did the exact same thing.
Nick: Fuckin' pissed me off.
TMK: Bullshit.
Nick: Well, it's just bullshit because you pay for Spotify and the first two things I wanted to listen to aren't there. But props to them for being like, "No, we control this."

TMK: Well, we've been touring for six weeks, and I still haven't heard you talk about The Simpsons. Are you burnt on The Simpsons getting ingrained into the Tera Melos brand?
Nathan: I would say I'm not burnt on it. But I've noticed more bootleg Simpsons items now more than ever. So I feel like-- we have our shirt, and I think it's a cool take on it. But some kid came our Salt Lake City set, and he had tons of enamel pins. It's everywhere right now.
Nick: It used to be Garfield. Bootleg Garfield stuff. And it just seems like it's so over the top now with Simpsons stuff.
TMK: Did that ruin it for the band?
Nick: I don't think it ruined it, but it is what it is. We put it out there. It was an influential thing, and from all these different angles aesthetically what The Simpsons was about. Maybe it's run its course a bit.
TMK: How nerdy do you go into The Simpsons? Like if I asked you about Season 13, what would you know?
John: Okay, that's funny because when we were writing Patagonian Rats at Sargent House, Nick brought Season 13. And so we watched through it, and there were still some pretty good episodes in the season.
TMK: It's also the season where Barney's hair looks different.
Nick: Is that when he's not drinking anymore?
TMK: His character design was changed for the whole season, and it gets switched back in the following season.
Nick: I know I've seen the episode where Barney gets sober. But if that was in Season 13, then that means I must have stopped like Season 12.
[Within a few seconds, they realize their DVD was of Season 11.]

TMK: Nathan, what is your home address? Wow, that is the worst question ever.
John: That's a good question, because his home address is pretty interesting.
Nathan: Well, I'm not gonna give that.
TMK: So then I was gonna say, what are you doing living over there?
Nathan: When somebody asks me about living over there, I think it's very uninteresting because I don't have anything cool or rad that I'm doing over there. I'm looking for work, and I might come back here and go on tour.
Nick: You haven't even said where it is.
Nathan: Sorry, I live over in Switzerland in a city called Lausanne.
TMK: Switzerland? That might be where Disco Doom is from.
Nathan: Who?
TMK: If Disco Doom is not from Switzerland, I'll cut this part out.
Nathan: Disco Dan?
TMK: Who's Disco Dan?
Nathan: I don't know. I know who Disco Stu is.
Nick: Fuck Disco Stu.
TMK: I agree. Fuck Disco Stu.
Nick: It's not funny.
TMK: It was funny the first time.
Nick: Maybe! Maybe the first time he said it.
TMK: The George Bush episode.
Nick: The yard sale! Yes. But nothing after that was funny with Disco Stu.

TMK: Are You A Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Or Miranda?
Nathan: Miranda all the way.
John: All of us are Miranda.
TMK: Would it be safe to say the whole band is a Miranda at this point?
Nick: Yes.
Nathan: I thought it would be cool to start a super group with [Speedy Ortiz] and just call it The Mirandas. [Note: Everyone on our tour took this Buzzfeed quiz and got Miranda.]
TMK: We'll work on that.

TMK: What are your dankest, most fire memes of 2017?
John: We were really into the starter pack for a while. I like that one.
Nick: There's the one that's the "taking a shit in a girl's bathroom meme" with Chuckee Cheese.
TMK: Oh, I didn't know that was Chuckee Cheese. I thought that was-- fuck, what's that really scary videogame?
John: Five Nights at Freddy's?
TMK: I thought that was Five Nights at Freddy's.
Nick: I guess it could be. I just thought it was Chuckee Cheese.

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Check Out Our Entire Huge "25 Years Of B&B" Feature

We hope everyone loved our huge B&B extravaganza!

Its purpose was to sorta get the wheels of blogging momentum back in motion again, inspiring more TMK content. (In case any readers haven't noticed, we still haven't finished or posted any of "Straight Fire Mix 2017" just yet, because we're really having trouble thinking of anything interesting to say.) We're probably going to be wrapping up this blog for good within the next two years. And if that's gonna be the case, we'd prefer to not abandon this project entirely.

In either case, we can honestly say that this huge Beavis and Butthead feature was breezy and very fun to throw together.

We can't believe there were seven parts to this thing. Here they are, all collected in one spot:

Chapter 1: "25 Years Of Buffcoat and Beaver"

Chapter 2: "The Banned B&B Episodes of 1993"

Chapter 3: "Beavis & Butthead's Greatest Hits"

Chapter 4: "Who is the #1 Artist in B&B History? and other fun stats"

Chapter 5: "The 8 Best and 4 Worst Adventures Of B&B (According to IMDB)"

Chapter 6: "That One Episode When Beavis Scored"

Chapter 7: "Beavis and Butthead's Favorite Videos 1995-2018"

Beavis & Butthead's Favorite Videos 1995-2018

Over the weekend, another buttmunch blogger for the dumbass NME theorized (with predictably weak evidence) how a 2018 Beavis and Butthead revival would be unnecessary and dull "in the Youtube era." Congrats to the writer and NME for monetizing yet another shitty, meaningless opinion (right alongside "Liam and Noel are objectively good musicians"). We hope the exchanged 75 quid was spent on something the writer actually enjoys.

We'd hereby like to predict with 100% certainty that a Youtube series comprised only of updated B&B music video commentary would be nothing short of a smash success. Any musician should consider it an honor to have them say their band sucks. Avi Buffalo and Earl Greyhound thought so back in 2011, and it's probably the widest exposure either band has ever received.

Along the past three weeks of our extensive B&B journey, we noticed a few surprising details:

#1 As mentioned earlier, there is no episode where they watched "Bullet With Butterfly Wings," a video from October 1995 which was smack in the center of the show's peak in quality. If this had been the 12th question on HQ anytime before March 1st, we would have lost our fraction of $2500. (We thought maybe we got this confused with SP's cameo on The Simpsons, but they played "Zero" on that show.)

The only Pumpkins video they ever watched was "Today."

#2 The most recent time we dug this far down into B&B lore was back in 2010-2011. This was the first time we noticed that Season 7 (every episode from 1997) included videos recycled from older episodes. So this meant that B&B never got to comment on '97-era VH1-alt-rock like Matchbox 20 or Tonic or The Wallflowers. They never saw "Sunny Came Home." They missed out on the electronica hype, so Prodigy, Fatboy Slim or any eligible videos from MTV's AMP block never received commentary. They completely missed the roots of the TRL-era pop explosion, so we still haven't heard their take on Spice Girls, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden or Robyn. (The Manson & Fiona videos from the live action Beavis and Butthead Do Thanksgiving special were obvious glaring exceptions.)

#3 A very recent discovery: The audio for the Season 6 videos must have been finished around the 2nd or 3rd week of September 1995. Their canon of roughly 600 videos from Spring '93 through Summer '95 felt so varied and forward-thinking, enough to keep those segments from seeming dated, even as the re-runs continued into the late '90s.

We're surprised that the cut-off happened so early though. "Gangsta's Paradise" was August '95 and quickly blew up over the next few months. They also watched a random Paula Abdul video that premiered in late August '95. Foo Fighters' "I'll Stick Around" and Jovi's "Something For The Pain" both debuted during the first week of Sept '95. These were the most current videos from the original series.

A few late summer '95 hits like Alanis' "You Oughta Know" or TLC's "Waterfalls" or Goo Goo Dolls "Name" were barely eligible. Their next shot for the canon would have been a hypothetical season from the 2nd half of 1996 that never existed because the show creators were busy working on Beavis and Butthead Do America. As mentioned earlier, Mike felt like the video commentary had grown stale by that point, and they opted to dig out classic videos from the B&B vaults for all of the 1997 episodes.

Mike Judge purposely made Beavis and Butthead sound smarter during the video segments, and the setting often seemed to bring out the best in their personalities. In one episode, Butthead tells their high school guidance councilor that one of his skills involves watching videos. Mike's foresight for the potential of human stupidity (a decently scary amount coming straight from his 2006 film Idiocracy) strangely left the door open for B&B to potentially turn their critique into a profit. It helps to have a personality as memorable as Beavis or Butthead, but we think an IRL version of these two could have used "music criticism through Youtube" as a cash flow generator (not unlike The Needle Drop guy).

This leads us to the final post of our B&B feature: Our hypothetical "What If" canon.

What if Mike Judge decided to dig out the old couch transparencies as a means to cheaply re-launch B&B video commentary (via Youtube or through some other streaming medium)? Or what if the show had just never ended? What videos would generate the strongest reactions?

So we wrote up a fanfic list starting with September 1995. They might have loved hating some of these. They might have genuinely enjoyed some of them. They might have simply reacting by smacking each other upside the head. Or it's possible any of these might have sparked some uncharacteristically astute or witty observations.

Fall 1995
Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
Radiohead "Just"
No Doubt "Just A Girl"
Raekwon "Ice Cream"

Were B&B feeling the Wu? We think "Ice Cream" would have been a great choice. // The show could have used another 1 or 2 of the tripper Bends era videos after "Fake Plastic Trees."

311 "Down"
Busta Rhymes featuring ODB "Woo-Haa (Remix)"
Wesley Willis "Alanis Morissette"
The Presidents Of The USA "Mach 5"
Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken"

It wasn't until the 2011 episode where they watched T-Baby's "It's So Cold In The D" that we realized how we missed B&B's occasional outsider artist videos (like Gary Young's "Plant Man"). On a hunch, we just checked the 120 Minutes Archive, and it looks like they never once played Wesley Willis' video for "Alanis Morissette!" We assumed it was aired on MTV at least once.

Chumbawamba "Tubthumping"
Yo La Tengo "Sugarcube"
Hanson "Where's The Love"
Squirrel Nut Zippers "Hell"
Missy Elliott "Supa Dupa Fly"
The Jesus Twins "Feel My Ubiquity"
Wu-Tang Clan "Triumph"

For some reason, we've maintained a shred of hope that they'd catch "Tubthumping" at some point, even when the series came back in 2011. // 1997-1999 was an especially amazing era for videos - arguably the medium's pinnacle in quality. It's a shame that Mike Judge had to put the video segments on hold for their last year. The trippy '97 videos from Hype Williams (like "Supa Dupa Fly" or "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See") definitely would have fit. // There were a few Howard Stern crossovers throughout the series' history. During one video, Beavis pretends to read a stolen People Magazine with a caricature of Howard drawn on the cover. Keeping in the spirit of outsider rock, we'd love to hear B&B's take on The Jesus Twins, a band heavily associated with '97-era Stern.

Puff Daddy "It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)"
Marilyn Manson "The Dope Show"
Rammstein "Du Hast"
Alanis Morrisette "Thank U"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Talk About The Blues"
Barenaked Ladies "One Week"

The first time we saw "Talk About The Blues," we assumed Jon Spencer was made up to look like Winona Ryder. About 20 seconds later, something clicked on our brain after realizing the guitar player was played by Giovanni Ribisi, at which point we turned to our friend and said "Oh wait. That IS Winona Ryder. Huh-huh." This shit writes itself.

Fiona Apple "Fast As You Can"
Stone Temple Pilots "Sour Girl"
Aphex Twin "Windowlicker"
Blur "Coffee + TV"
Britney Spears "Sometimes"
Limp Bizkit "Nookie"
Kid Rock "Bawitdaba"

We thought of "Fast As You Can" because we'd like to see them try talking without their mouths matching the words. We thought of "Sour Girl" because who wouldn't want to hear B&B joke about teletubbies?

We thought of "Windowlicker" and "Coffee + TV" not only because they're still two of the greatest videos ever, but also because in late-'99 we recall MTV made other attempts to get comedians to riff over music videos. We recall catching a pilot episode for a show that was never picked up, where people tried to do voices over "Coffee + TV" and one of them says "Help! This band needs their lactose!" which is about as un-funny as anything we'd expect from failed copycat shows.

The Britney, Limp and Kid Rock videos would rule just so we can finally feel like we weren't the only ones who spotted the girl with a hand over her crotch or these other moments.

Mr Oizo "Flat Beat"
Kool Keith "Livin' Astro"
Aaron Carter "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)"
Air "Playground Love"
Ludacris "Southern Hospitality"

"Livin' Astro" is one of the most underrated funny/weirdo videos of this era, and it could have used a promo boost, plus commentary about Lonnie Hendricks, Light Blue Cop or The Kid In The Commercial. // "Playground Love" was the video with a singing wad of chewing gum, which kinda reminds us of the singing pills from this commercial. Perhaps B&B would make a similar observation. // It would be cool to hear their take on upside-down rappers, like Ludacris in "Southern Hospitality."

Outkast "The Whole World"
Elton John "I Want Love"
Madonna "What It Feels Like For A Girl"
P.O.D. "Alive"

We're guessing they wouldn't have figured out that Robert Downey Jr was only lip-synching in "I Want Love." // We'd like to hear them crack up at the slow motion car crash from "Alive" or any of the reckless driving moments from "What It Feels Like For A Girl" (plus, a censored version might have helped the video receive some airplay since it was banned from MTV after its premiere).

Creed "One Last Breath"
Andrew WK "Party Hard"
Avril Lavigne "Sk8r Boi"
The Strokes "Someday"

Are we the only ones who LOL at Scott Stapp's thud (after he lands)? We're guessing their reaction to Linkin Park or blink-182 would have been neutral. Also, we'd love to hear their take on The Strokes vs Guided By Voices on Family Feud.

Audioslave "Show Me How To Live"
Ludacris "Stand Up"
50 Cent "21 Questions"

This is around the point where we think they would have started getting into huge violent arguments over the merits of emo. As mentioned in a previous post, we think Beavis would have dug Rival Schools, At The Drive-In or Converge and would marginally have accepted stuff like "Bleed American" by Jimmy Eat World. Butthead would have considered it all wuss music. // The ending of "Show Me How To Live" is still one of the all-time unintentionally funniest moments from any video. // Ludacris' hair in "Stand Up" deserves a shout out. We think they would have generally dug Ludacris videos.

The Darkness "Growing On Me"
Jay-Z "99 Problems"
Eminem "Ass Like That"
Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism"

"I Believe In A Thing Called Love" seems like an obvious magnet for silly criticism; however "Growing On Me" one-up's the potential for STD-related double entendres. // We want them to shit on Dresden Dolls because that band is horrible.

The Bloodhound Gang "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo"
Korn "Twisted Transistor"
Black Label Society "In This River"
Weezer "We Are All On Drugs"

"Fire Water Burn" and "The Bad Touch" probably would have made the cut in either case, but "Foxtrot Uniform" feels too perfect for this show. // "In This River" is funny enough on its own, but just hearing them laugh at Zakk Wylde's garbled vocal style would be pretty dope. // We'd also like to hear them point out the horrible edit MTV forced into "We Are All On [censored]." [EDIT: Perhaps MTV would have allowed Beavis to sing "We Are All On FIRE!"]

James Blunt "You're Beautiful"
Fergie "London Bridge"
The Pack "Vans"
C.S.S. "Alala"
DragonForce "Through The Fire and the Flames"

They would probably hate DragonForce; beyond "this sucks," we've always been curious to know where the conversation would lead.

Pissed Jeans "I've Still Got You"
Rich Boy "Throw Some D's"
UGK "Int'l Players Anthem"
Nickleback "Rockstar"
My Chemical Romance "Teenagers"

Years ago, the ILX board correctly assessed how B&B would love every Pissed Jeans video. How much though? Would they headbang?

No Age "Eraser"
M.I.A. "Paper Planes"
Flobots "Handlebars"
Snoop Dogg "Sexual Eruption"

When the show re-launched in 2011, we had our fingers crossed that Mike would be hip to No Age and possibly throw "Eraser" in the queue for some B&B jokes. No such luck.

Miley Cyrus "Party In The USA"
Attack Attack "Stick Stickly"
Brokencyde "Freaxxx"
Dinosaur Jr "Over It"

The 2011 re-launch sadly neglected crab-core and BrokenCyde; however, they shit all over 3Oh!3, which is still probably our favorite moment from that season. There should have been more of this! And we think they were far too kind to Katy Perry.

Pissed Jeans "False Jesii Part 2"
Lady Gaga f/ Beyonce "Telephone"
Die Antwoord "Enter The Ninja"
Willow "Whip My Hair"
Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"

If viral videos were considered fair game for the 2011 season, "Gimme Pizza Slow" might have been a home run. We know ICP's "Miracles" came out this year, but wouldn't it have been far more exciting to hear them riff on Die Antwoord?

Tyler The Creator "Yonkers"
Underground Railroad To Candyland "We Aren't The World"
Rebecca Black "Friday"
Ringo Deathstarr "So High"
Yuck "Get Away"

Kanye West has made it pretty obvious over the years that he's a huge fan of mainstream comedy. And we recently learned that he really wanted B&B to riff over one of his videos in Fall 2011. Mike Judge allegedly had some ideas in mind for what they could say, but one of the song's co-writers refused to release the rights. We're guessing the song in question was "Runaway," since we don't know what other recent videos would have been eligible at this point.

We were among those who lost our shit over Odd Future in the first few months of 2011; we had our hopes up for "Yonkers" appearing in the 2011 season, but sadly it wasn't included.

Big Sean f/ Nicki Minaj "Dance (A$$)"
Rihanna "We Found Love"
Mac Demarco "Ode To Viceroy"
Ariel Pink "Only In My Dreams"
YN Rich Kids "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

Who wouldn't want to hear B&B sing "Ass Ass Ass" along with Big Sean? The possibilities are endless.

Trinidad James "All Gold Everything"
Beach House "Wishes"
Yuck "Middle Sea"
Jeff The Brotherhood "Six Pack"
Ghost B.C. "Secular Haze"
Joey Bada$$ "Waves"

We thought of "Middle Sea" because Beavis has admitted that he enjoys watching tennis.

Indiana "Solo Dancing"
Lil B "I Love You"
Tony Molina "Don't Come Back"

"Solo Dancing" has lots of visual metaphors alluding to masturbation, so obviously...

Nicki Minaj f/ Beyonce "Feeling Myself"
Oneohtrix Point Never "Sticky Drama"
Cyriak "Malfunction"
Fetty Wap "Trap Queen"
Rihanna "Bitch Better Have My Money"
Kendrick Lamar "For Free? (Interlude)"

If "Feeling Myself" is the one where they scarf Boca Burgers, then yes, obviously...

Maren Morris "80s Mercedes"
Melkbelly "Elk Mountain"
Joey Purp f/ Chance The Rapper "Girls @"

Options have been running lower in the past few years as videos have been getting progressively less and less exciting. Not sure what to say here.

Pissed Jeans "The Bar Is Low"
Run The Jewels "Love Again"
Young Thug "Wyclef Jean"
Lil Yachty "Bring It Back"
Cloakroom "The Sun Won't Let Us Go"
Winter "Jaded"

They probably would not have thought "Wyclef Jean" was as great as it is since the video entails lots of reading. "Bring It Back" tho...

Bruno Mars f/ Cardi B "Finesse"
Wrong "Zero Cool"

2018 could use a few more of these. We'll continue to update this list sporadically as others come to mind.