Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Crazy Doctor 2"

A noteworthy exclusion from our "Best TV Clips: 2000 - 2009" special was Will Ferrell's long-fabled "Crazy Doctor" sketch, shown during the final 15 minutes of the April 14th 2001 episode of Saturday Night Live, guest-hosted by Renee Zelwegger, who appears in the sketch prominently. Rarely shown during reruns on neither Comedy Central nor E!, its notoriety only launched as a result of
The SNL Transcripts website, where the "Crazy Doctor" transcript has been available since 2001. Since this time, it has been revered by casual fans and scholars alike as possibly the best SNL sketch of all time.

Here's our transcript:

Despite its brilliance, "Crazy Doctor" did not appear on either of Will Ferrell's 2 DVD collections for SNL. Volume 2, however, did include its follow-up, which became known as "Crazy Doctor 2." Like most sequels, this one simply didn't hold the energy of its original version, although it's still noteworthy enough to post here, for as long as YouTube will allow the sketch to be posted.. which I'm guessing won't be very long. But anyway.. here it is, fresh off a Netflix stream and onto a Flip camera for your enjoyment....


  1. where is the video for the first one? best skit ever.

  2. You can watch the video of "Crazy Doctor 2" and then read the transcript of the original Crazy Doctor, and imagine what it must be like.