Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bored at work 70's list

I was so bored at work today and I've been hating my job more than ever. Today I received a "verbal warning" regarding an "emotional outburst" from a few weeks ago, that was construed as "unprofessional conduct." I yelled "fuck" really loud after someone called me (more or less) an incompetent idiot and hung up the phone on me.

I decided to help the day go by faster by getting lost in writing an unfuckwitable list of the 50 (+10) best songs from the 1970's, which will be posted here tonight on Taste My Kids...........

60 The Modern Lovers “Roadrunner”
59 Neu! “Negativland”
58 Led Zeppelin “Fool In The Rain”
57 The Damned “New Rose”
56 David Bowie “John, I’m Only Dancing”
55 Ace “How Long”
54 Joy Division “Transmission”
53 The Police “Roxanne”
52 Pink Floyd “Sheep”
51 Stevie Wonder “I Believe When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever”

50 Chris Bell “You And Your Sister”
49 Cat Stevens “Wild World”
48 Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
47 The Nerves “Hanging On The Telephone”
46 Todd Rundgren “I Saw The Light”
45 Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”
44 The Rolling Stones “Miss You”
43 The Police “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”
42 Led Zeppelin “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You”
41 Big Star “Thirteen”

40 Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb”
39 David Bowie “Fame”
38 Can “Oh Yeah”
37 10CC “I’m Not In Love”
36 The Stooges “Search And Destroy”
35 The Jackson Five “The Love You Save”
34 The Ramones “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
33 Rod Stewart “Maggie May”
32 Gary Numan “Are ‘Friends’ Electric”
31 Big Star “September Gurls”

30 Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”
29 The Saints “(I’m) Stranded”
28 Badfinger “Day After Day”
27 Wire “Map Ref 41N 93W”
26 The Grateful Dead “Box Of Rain”
25 The Rapsberries “Go All The Way”
24 The Flamin’ Groovies “Shake Some Action”
23 Aerosmith “Dream On”
22 Michael Jackson “Off The Wall”
21 Devo “Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA”

20 The Cars “You’re All I Got Tonight”
19 The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”
18 David Bowie “Sweet Thing” / “Candidate” / “Sweet Thing (Reprise)”
17 The Only Ones “Another Girl Another Planet”
16 Queen “It’s Late”
15 America “Ventura Highway”
14 The Ramones “Judy Is A Punk”
13 Gary Numan “Cars”
12 The Cars “Bye Bye Love”
11 America “Sister Golden Hair”

10 The Clash “Train In Vain”
09 Queen “Killer Queen”
08 The Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen In Love”
07 Michael Jackson “Rock With You”
06 The Beach Boys “Surf’s Up”
05 Mott The Hoople “All The Young Dudes”
04 The Jackson Five “ABC”
03 Chris Bell “I Am The Cosmos”
02 King Crimson “One More Red Nightmare”
01 Queen “Somebody To Love”

There's probably a lot that was forgotten, but it seems accurate for the moment.. I'm a tad bit shocked how much classic rock ended up here, and how little pop and dance music ended up here.. But I guess that's just how it is. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love "SOS" and "Waterloo," and "Jive Talkin'" certainly would have been included in a Top 100, but I just didn't feel like pushing it that far.


  1. there are better modern lovers songs than that

  2. Yeah hospital & astral plane came close