Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beavis & Butthead Reunion Tour

I'm kinda freaking out over the endless possibilities regarding the pending return of Beavis & Butthead scheduled for this summer... NME has announced 2 major announcements...

#1 Their world will remain unchanged, which is what we were hoping for, as opposed to having them attempt to fit into a world with internet and text messaging... This just wouldn't make any sense...

#2 It's also been announced that they will stick to watching "current" music videos. This is obviously unconfirmed info, but keep in mind, the original run of 1993-1997 included commentary on videos from MTV's entire catalog, and not confined to what was considered "current." In fact, within the first 5 episodes, they were already watching "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and old Dead Milkmen clips.

Earlier today, facebook's "Beavis And Butthead" fan page asked "what videos should they make fun of?" and of course Justin Bieber was listed within every other comment... The entire list of comments is pretty pathetic, and I wouldn't recommend trying to locate it. Here's hoping MTV and Mike Judge allow a little more comedic freedom by exposing B&B to mostly videos they missed between 1997 and the present... (Videos such as "Tubthumping" and "Are You Jimmy Ray" just feel like the type of stuff they should have been commenting on, but never did...) Nickelback and Lady Gaga would be far too obvious... And in the original 93-97 episodes, most of the time they were watching stuff that was mostly never seen anywhere else anyway... Personally I'd like to see them laughing at stuff like BrokeNCyde and Millionaires... And I'd love to see their reaction to something like No Age's "Eraser" or Care Bears On Fire or something... The less obvious the better. The day Beavis calls Bieber a fartknocker is the day the terrorists have won.

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