Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Judith" & "3 Libras"

Saving stuff for the "00's Jams" (or whatever it's gonna be called) has proven difficult, but it won't be for a while anyway... In the other room from where I'm sitting, a gospel channel is on full-volume-blast, as loud as it can possibly go, for yet another evening... I've heard the Hail Mary screamed at me about 5000 times in the past 2 months, or at least it feels like that many.. And now some guy is preaching about my sins and why I'm not good enough. I think I'm being tortured.

Once upon a time, these were both in my top 100 songs of alltime... "Judith" specifically was in the top 10 right around 2002-ish. Those first 3 Tool records still fuckin' slay like nothing else, but in terms of what constitutes "radio singles," IMO these are the best 2 songs Maynard ever sang on. And to add some nostalgia to the package, I recall it being exciting as fuck when this band first came out.

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