Friday, August 10, 2012

boycott drake

These are sad times when record labels and the music business are so caught up in money-making opportunities that no one is able to step in front of Drake's decision to go against Aaliyah family's wishes and co-produce a posthumous album with no support from any of her previous collaborators. Fans are outraged, and several editorials in the Village Voice have expressed disdain...

"... if Drake had any iota of an inkling how to act, he would not have offered that piece of shit of a megalomaniacal verse on a track with a new sketch from Babygirl. I've been disdainful of the concept of him sharing songspace with her vocals because his narcissistic manipulative emotions are the antithesis of the deep pathos her reticent presence represented. But this is worse than I could have ever anticipated. F U Drake and while we're at it, RIP Static Major. Respect to the Haughton family, Diane, Michael, Rashad."

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