Tuesday, November 6, 2012

when MTV made voting look like the douchiest thing ever

What could have been an outstanding music performance was tainted by MTV sucking their own dick. As a result, this was the last time we watched the VMA's and actually cared.

Nothing has done more towards encouraging us NOT to vote than seeing the 2004 VMA’s. Do you think they could have mentioned it a few more times? It seems MTV is now at the point when they’re saying “We WILL be the reason ANY young people vote this year. It’s up to US! We are SO IMPORTANT!!” Do they even realize that 80% of the people watching are between age 12 and 14? - TMK, 8/30/04

P.S. All of our staff writers did vote in 2004 (both in the primaries and in the November elections), so the douchiness that MTV portrayed in the Vote Or Die campaign did not sway us away completely. (Speaking of Sway, this was the same VMA's when he followed an Alicia Keys/Stevie Wonder duet by yelling "you just witnessed history" into the camera.)

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