Saturday, August 24, 2013

returning to normalcy with fictional 70s metal

We started posting videos on our twitters that should have been posted here. We can fix that.

Here's a couple "metal" bands from the 70s that were fictional and not really metal in the classic sense, but certainly metal in the "classic rock" sense.

First up we have Richard Pryor's metal band, which was called "Black Death Metal." Sandra Bernhard was apparently a big fan since she is going apeshit in the middle of the crowd there.

And here's Jim Henson's ode to metal from (probably) around the same time. (We're guessing these are both from around 1977.) The last time I saw this entire Xmas special all the way through was on HBO when I was 8 or 9. I recall feeling bad for Emmitt Otter and his mom who tried really hard to get the prize money for their Christmas gifts, but the Riverbottom Nightmare Band decided to show up out of nowhere and kick so much ass that Emmitt and his mom ended up being broke for yet another holiday season.

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