Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "New Shit" Radar sept 2013

Earl Sweatshirt featuring RZA "Molasses"
After a few careful listens to our most anticipated release of the year, we've determined "Molasses" to be the standout banger of the moment, and one of the few jams on Doris that rivals "Stapleton" in its wonky lopsidedness.

Palehound "Drooler"
It's almost embarrassing how easy it is to get Palehound songs firmly stuck in one's head. The two songs that Pitchfork have reviewed so far ("Drooler" and "Pet Carrot") have been battling for brain-space consumption since about 2 weeks ago. "Drooler" usually ends up winning.

Nelly featuring Nicki Minaj & Pharrell "Get Like Me"
Dope summer banger totally swept under the rug. Y'all fucked up on this one.

Mac Demarco "Young Blood"
If this is in fact a new song (as opposed to a leftover from the sessions from one of his 2 previous albums), then Demarco might be planning to revert back to the wackiness of the Rock N Roll Nightclub LP as opposed to staying along the bummer summer path we heard in Mac Demarco 2. We're also confused about this Adult Swim singles-club thing (curated with a decently impressive selection of artists). Is it free downloads only, or are there some 7-inches floating around somewhere? Can someone Google this for us? We're too busy. Time is money.

Connections "Miller's Grove"
This isn't that new, but whatever...

Swearin' "Watered Down"
Not nearly as watered down as the song title might suggest. P.S. We met the singer girl and we're happy to report she's both v.chill and v.friendly. ("v." is code for "very.")

Tony Molina "Breakin Up"
Tony's follow-up to Dissed and Dismissed (from February of this year) will be released via a 7-inch club from Matador called "Singles Going Home Alone." It's not hard to fit 6 Tony Molina songs onto a 7-inch.

Jackson Scott "Sandy"
He's possibly a douchebag, but we like his album anyway. Weirdo lofi shit.

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