Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July '15 New Shit Radar & News (Dornik, Dej Loaf, R. Ring, Ava Luna, All Dogs, Migos, Yuck)

The new news. The fresh jams. They're all here.

New Dornik Single
Dornik's website states July 8th as the release date on iTunes. Stereogum also posts a Spotify link that doesn't seem to work on our computer. However, there is a new promo jam from Dornik's long awaited forthcoming self-titled LP on St'Gum as of yesterday, and it's very MJ. Chickity check it:

New Dej Loaf (featuring B-B-B-Big Sean)
She still sounds like a 13-year-old boy. We love it:

R. Ring Touring. Playing with Witch Hair.
R. Ring - featuring Mike Montgomery & Kelley Deal from The Breeders - are going on tour. July 29 is one notable stop on this tour, as they'll be performing with Witch Hair, the new band with Stove Hartlett (from Stove and Ovlov), Joe Russo (from Spectral Fangs) and Ashley Kenney (from LOOM). Check their facebook for more info:

EIS Extended Weekend Announces Line-Up
And who in the world is Unholy Strength? I mean, we kinda already know. But seriously tho. Who it??

Farrah Abraham Poses With Adult Toys On Twitter

More Good Stuff from the Ava Luna Kids
Those of us who need a fix for more Ava Luna shouldn't have to look far this year. A few months ago, we saw the long-awaited release of Julian Fader's solo release as Um Are. And now FACT has announced yet another hot project from Felicia Douglass called Gemma. Read more about it here:

New York Times Reviews the new Aye Nako!!
Congrats to Aye Nako! In The Blackest Eye is out now, and check the review here:

All Dogs Has Probably The Most Springtime-y Press Photo Ever

Migos Album Pushed To July 31
We would post the artwork but it's embedded into instagram so no.

New Jam From Yuck! Plus Tour Dates!
It's not called "Fuck" but the artwork looks that way. They also have a new website. Visit the Soundcloud link for tour dates!

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