Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Shit Radar In Under 10 Minutes (March 2016)

We are back in the game of bringing you the hottest new shit. Q1 of 2016 has been fucking redonk so far. Here's some of its more recent highlights.

Alex G Did A Video for "Mud"
"Mud" from the album Beach Music has a new vid.

Beak Is Back With New Soundtrack Jamz
New Beak> is here.

Kero Kero Bonito Has a New Video
The new vid is hot. Do not miss it.

Big Ups Claims "Album Of The Week" at TrebleZine
Big Ups hot new alb is the hottest alb on TrebleZine for this past week. They throw down some hot Fugazi/Slint vibes. Check out the whole record right over here:


Leapling's "Leap Day" Premiere
We found out that Leapling is possibly named that way because their singer was born on Leap Day. They posted a new song on Feb 29. Here's the hot jam right over hurr:


Big EIS SXSW Austin Invasion Line-Up
New poster is kind of disturbing. The thing on the right kinda looks like Ren. Confirm/deny?

Whitesnake Announces "Greatest Hits" Tour

Bill Burr is really happy about this. He says, "I still kinda like Whitesnake."
Tour dates and info: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/whitesnake-announces-the-greatest-hits-tour-2016/

New Spree Wilson Video
New vid!

50 Cent's Home To Be Turned Into Old Folks Home
50 Cent lived in Farmington, CT in a house that he bought from Mike Tyson. He ran for town office and won at one point. So he was very towny and enjoyed the big happy life in CT. And then he moved. So here's the new news about his house that he moved out of.

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