Sunday, November 29, 2009

best of 2009 mix is up

Now here's the deal, see.. Muxtape was way 2008 and I miss it to death, so I found another resource that is similar, but not as good. It's called "8tracks," and I was under the assumption that mixes could only be 8 songs long, but they let me upload 30, so I figured what the hell.. 30 songs from 2009 that I am recommending. You can listen while you clean your room or masturbate or whatever. Here's the link..

One thing that's weird about is that the order is chosen randomly after you listen to the mix once through. I tried to think of a good order anyway.. It kicks off with the new Animal Collective song that now famously includes "the first ever officially licensed Grateful Dead sample" or whatever. I don't normally go apeshit over AC, but JEEZ.. This new one is hypnotic x 99999. Planning on meditating soon? This might help.

Elsewhere in the mix are lots of recent hiphop tracks, including this southern dude Pill who deserves to blow up in 2010.. Towards the end are album tracks from Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa which I guilty pleasure love.. And somewhere in the middle is that epic, brilliant, amazing Sufjan Stevens track off the Dark Was The Night comp. The rest are all surprises.. mostly stuff I listen to a lot in my car.

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