Saturday, November 21, 2009

Best TV Clips 2000-2009: Part One

After "The Decade In Animation," Taste My Kids planned on completing the decade-end feature with 3 different sets of TV clips.. Amazing clips from reality TV, some amazing scripted TV moments, and amazing music performances. These will all be coming over the next few days. Today, we'll start with some amazing reality clips, or at least some of the best that can currently be found over youtube..

The Tom Green Show: Tom Brings Monica To Canada (February 14, 2000)
The Youtube channel TomGreenSketches is an outstanding resource for many of the best clips that were aired throughout 1999. However, only one Youtube clip currently exists from the special episode that guest starred Monica Lewinsky, which was this show's first new episode of the decade. I have this episode on tape somewhere, but I'm afraid to uploaded it, since Youtube would prolly remove it due to "copyright restrictions." Emo sigh...

The Tom Green Show: Tom Green's Cancer Special (May 11, 2000)
Walking the line between "brave" and "juvenile" ... This was probably Tom Green's most profound TV statement, which actually helped some American MTV viewers to identify testicular cancer and seek early treatment.

Jackass: The Hearse (May 23, 2000)

VMA's: Tim from Rage crashes the stage(September 7, 2000)
The best quality clip I could find has some guy translating over it, which is actually funny in itself. I'm imagining the translator looks like Borat.

Tech TV's Call-For-Help-A-Thon (December 26, 2001)

Celebrity Boxing: Danny Bonaduce vs Barry Williams (March 13, 2002)

Crashing With Andrew WK (November 2002)
I'm unsure if this was supposed to be a one-time "special" type of TV event, or if this was the pilot to what was intended to possibly launch a series. Either way, it's not on youtube, but there are Windows Media and Quicktime clips at Andrew's website..

Check this shit out.

Cheaters: Paintball attack (February 13, 2003)

Cheaters: Joey Greco stabbed (March 20, 2003)
If this were a countdown list, this clip would have been a serious contender for the #1 TV moment of the decade. Until recently, that is.. The November 3, 2009 episode of Inside Edition included a segment regarding their own investigation into the possibility that many of the segments on Cheaters, including the 2003 stabbing incident, may have been scripted. Judge for yourself...

And here's a link to the Inside Edition segment: Check this shit out.

Da Ali G Show: Borat sings "Throw The Jew Down The Well" (August 1, 2004)
I recall having this song stuck in my head fairly often throughout August 2004. That Borat can write some mighty catchy tunez.

Crossfire: Jon Stewart (October 15, 2004)
This clip eventually became the third most popular video of all time on, and partially helped in getting Crossfire cancelled 3 months later.

Too Late With Adam Carolla: Steve-O high as fuck (September 26, 2005)
Carolla was simply never able to get the audience to laugh, which is one huge aspect that made his short-lived late night talk show unbearably difficult to watch. Steve-O's guest appearance did little to increase audience reaction, but it still stands as one of the biggest WTF moments of recent TV history.

Showdogs Moms And Dads: Pink-haired lady's dog bites her vagina (November 2005)
This became a popular clip on the E! pop-culture show The Soup. I recall being bored on a weeknight and sitting in my mom's basement, videotaping random TV clips for the Al compilation tape I was making, and my sister called me around 10:30PM and said something to the effect of "Michael! Turn on Bravo NOW!" It sounded important, so I switched channels and pressed record, and about 4 minutes later, I had this clip on tape and was decently stunned that this lady would consent to show a clip of her talking about her vagina on a basic cable reality show.

Wildboyz: The Elk Hump (February 10, 2006)

Maury: Dude who looks like Coolio recieves paternity results (February 12, 2007)

Intervention: Allison (August 18, 2008)

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