Sunday, April 17, 2011

90's Jams #15: Nirvana "In Bloom" (1991)

No matter what any Yngwie worshiping douchebag has the say about it, "In Bloom" contains the most intense guitar solo of the decade, perfectly contrasting its "children's nursery rhyme" chorus, so catchy that the posers and the fakes simply can't resist joining in, even though they don't know what it means (and only one song after they demanded "entertain us..." The nerve of those kids...) They like to sing along to the extent that the song was on fucking Rock Band for Christ's sake. One of the best parts of that "Classic Albums: Nevermind" special was Butch Vig isolating the Cobain/Grohl 2-part vocal harmony and displaying how well their voices blended, not unlike George Martin back in 1992 on The Making Of Sgt. Pepper isolating the Lennon/Harrison/McCartney 3-part vocals on the title track. To bring it full circle, "In Bloom" is the sarcastic (aka Gen-X) version of The Beatles, which ended up being exactly what its video intended to emulate. The video was huge of course, not only winning "Best Alternative" at the VMA's, but also being specifically cited in Hugh Gallagher's "Seven Days And Seven Nights Alone With MTV" article for Rolling Stone as the one video that was played so often that it nearly drove him over the edge. (I remember reading it in 7th grade and it kinda freaked me out...)

We already posted the MTV version a while back for the "20 best music videos ever" thing, so here's the low-budget Sub Pop version from 1990...

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