Friday, May 27, 2011

90's Jams #4: The Notorious B.I.G. "Gimme The Loot" (1994)

In probably his most intimidating and rawest performance, here lies the proof that Big Smalls was hiphop's most convincing and greatest storyteller.. (Nothing that happens in this song is true.) And probably the best song for tricking people into believing that he collaborated with ODB... Turns out Biggie & Puff Daddy thought up the brilliant idea of trying to make the same voice sound like a gang of rappers, since #1 the intensity of the rhymes calls for some lyrical overlap, and #2 Have you ever actually tried rapping along to this song with the same vocal inflection and pitch? You WILL run out of breath... It's like running a fucking marathon.. Although that doesn't stop people from trying (Artie Lange did an ok job).. While "Juicy" is the jam that permanently placed his name in the history books, "Gimme The Loot" is the kind of stuff that can turn someone from "amazing" to "legendary.."

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