Saturday, May 7, 2011

rip beavis videos again

I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that posting Beavis & Butthead videos on here would be completely pointless .. I just thought it was unusual that so many of them hadn't yet been removed, but at some point in the past week they were all removed by Viacom... As well as all MTV performances posted for the 90's jams. Like seriously, the upper management of MTV and Viacom are awful awful people who should be ashamed of their lives. AP reported 2 days ago that MTV's CEO is retiring which I'm somehow sure will make absolutely no difference in the quality of their programming...

It's not entirely unfeasible for MTV to seek a programming which will generate ad revenue and yet is also not completely based around shock value, and still contains some artistic or creative merit. Once upon a time, MTV was the coolest cable channel of alltime, and now they are the personification of all things evil, who still somehow is proud to naively project this false image as if they still represent the voice of modern youth culture. Any station that would air TV shows whose content is based around Youtube clips should prove this point... HBO, Showtime and AMC are considered the best channels right now, while MTV has continued digging deeper into their lowest-common-denominator demographic, breeding more and more anti-intellectualism, just because they think it's more marketable. 2 six-minute commercial breaks every 30 minutes means their shows only need to be 18 minutes long.

So in 1993, "smart" and "creative" was marketable and generated more ad revenue, while in 2011, "dumb" and "predictable" is what brings in the money... The world deserves a channel that's actually dedicated to new music and the fresher aspects of modern culture, but I guess that's too much to ask for.

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