Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Yo Lip" & "Hunky Husbands"

Lip Keebler's Dead Wives
Yo Lip (demo tape)

"T.Scene releases" has been slowing down since the 2nd half of 2012. However, tentative t.scene plans have been announced for 2013, currently including Lowt Ide's long-awaited LP Tag Sale, the compilation cassette Slut Life 2, and a digital boxed-set of covers from the elusive Lip Keebler.

As for Dead Wives, the official follow-up to their 2011 EP Scuz Bucket is promised for Spring 2013. In the meantime, a new demo collection has been posted under the name "Lip Keebler's Dead Wives," suggesting this as some type of collaborative project. "Bitch We Deep" has been re-recorded after previously appearing on 2011's The Crack Game, an LP-length demo collection that has since vanished from the internet (aside from a few stray leftovers on Soundcloud). Yo Lip is currently available for stream on Bandcamp...

Dream Husbands
Hunky Husbands (EP)

Only related due to a coincidentally similar band name, Dream Husbands' debut EP was posted in mid-February. They are the newest project from the same gents who recorded two outstanding LP's as The Smooth Hands. Hunky Husbands includes many of the same recording aesthetics but with a new direction, a logical progression from The Smooth Hands' initial adventures. Their first collection of songs is also currently available for stream on Bandcamp...

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