Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dead Wives "The Crack Game"

Dead Wives
"The Crack Game" (Demo tape)

1. Dead Wives - Get At Dat Money Tho (2:43)
2. Dead Wives - Partisan (2:33)
3. Dead Wives - Spider (2:51)
4. Dead Wives - Pinhead (4:09)
5. Dead Wives - The Vomit Inside (1:56)
6. Dead Wives - Girl Cursive (3:56)
7. Dead Wives - Bitch We Deep (2:23)
8. Dead Wives - Barberea (1:54)
9. Dead Wives - Jello Stars (3:53)
10. Dead Wives - Slouch (3:22)
11. Dead Wives - Ice Climbers (3:21)
12. Dead Wives - Mavis Creeps in the Shadows (1:31)
13. Dead Wives - Hard In Da Paint (4:14)

The long-delayed sixth and latest installment of Dead Wives’ series of demo tapes is now available for anyone who’s interested, streaming on Soundcloud or from Mediafire download.

As stated when Demon Priest was posted, “these are mostly just about trying out new ideas and seeing what works.” So please don’t call this “the new album,” because it’s not. It’s just a demo collection.

Also important: Previous demos such as “Milk and Water” or “The Chocolate Factory” excluded many songs, some of which were later re-added as bonus tracks. However, “The Crack Game” marks a new era of “quantity over quality” demos for Dead Wives. (So just a warning.. Normally, tracks 8 through 13 would not have been included here... Also 12 and 13 are only available on Mediafire.)

Everything was recorded with a single microphone (for two reasons: #1 some effort was made to recreate the "basement band practice" atmosphere, and #2 due to lack of resources). As a consequence, this might have the lowest production value out of any Dead Wives demo so far (which means it’s pretty bad).

As previously noted on their Facebook profile, there’s a few more “guitar solos” than usual. In more than one case, this clever tactic was used to make up for a lack of “actual songs.”

“Girl Cursive” (a circa-2005 relic) and “Jello Stars” are probably their two most melodramatic “emo” songs so far. They’re also both difficult to sing, and for whatever reason, the decision was made to NOT double-track. So both songs ended up with embarrassingly weaker-than-usual vox. Whatever.

The drums on “Pinhead” were borrowed from Hoveral’s “User Friendly” and from Bernie’s “Kill Your Parents.”

“Hard In Da Paint” is music and lyrics by Waka Flocka Flame copyright 2010

DOWNLOAD HERE! http://www.mediafire.com/?0ys8138c2v0n0ns

The Crack Game (demo) by deadwives

DOWNLOAD HERE! http://www.mediafire.com/?0ys8138c2v0n0ns

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