Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where the FUCK is No Age?

We've been seriously bummed about the (relative) absence of No Age. It's been way too long. The last time we recall seeing them was on some late night show (possibly Letterman) back in like January 2011 playing "Fever Dreaming," and since then updates have been somewhat sporadic. The world needs No Age.

Dudes, come back. We need you.

We saw something on Pitchfork where it said they started doing anti-corporation anti-establishment things, which is all fine and good, and secures their status as badass rockstar bros. However, we need albums. The world needs records.

Looking into Wikipedia, it says Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti 23 months after Houses of the Holy. As of March 2013, No Age released Everything In Between TWENTY NINE (29) months ago. That's almost THIRTY! We're anticipating serious ass Physical Graffiti intensity. Or at least an EP. SOMETHING! God damnit.

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