Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Q&A with Darl Ferm from Speedy Ortiz (TMK X-Clusive)

Darl Ferm is a man of many names. In certain circles, he may be known as "Daniel." In addition to his tenure as Speedy Ortiz's bass-man extraordinaire, he is the owner and proprietor of DUMP FOOTAGE, the video blog that premiered Speedy's "Indoor Soccer" video in Fall 2012. He's also previously toured with Boston-area bands like Day Sleeper, and he loves The Simpsons probably more than we do.

We met up with Ferm downtown at the China Club for some Q&A. What we learned may shock you.

How many basses do you own? Is the bass in your face?
I own two broken basses and a functional Squier P-Bass. The bass is in my face. The bass took my Face/Off, so yes, it was in my face. Best $40 I've spent on Craigslist.

Which bass string is your least favorite?
G. I avoid it all costs. I use it for two songs, and only so I can explore and understand how much awfulness a string can possess.

Who is your favorite fictional bass player?
Bitter Dean Bobby Peterson featured on the Simpsons episode where Homer goes to college. Not to be confused with Dean Bitterman from School of Hard Knockers.

What did you do yesterday?
I watched three episodes of Parental Control after an episode of Bet On Your Baby, like everyone.

What TV shows or movies have the best bass?
Twin Peaks has the best bass, in the opening credits and throughout the score. Angelo Badalamenti is one of my favorite composers. Bass has become a more prominent feature of film scores lately, notably the new Tron and Spring Breakers.

How many Speedy Ortiz videos have you worked on?
"Indoor Soccer" and "Ka-Prow!," but "Ka-Prow!" was more of a team effort. I also have some live music videos at my website DUMP FOOTAGE.

Is Sting a good bass player? Is Geddy Lee a good bass player?
Sting was in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, so yes, Stu Hamm rules.

Everyone's been dying to know, when will the Notes From Underground full length become a reality?
When the legal issues clear up between me and Men's Warehouse, the greatest The Cure cover band of all time.

How was it playing in Day Sleeper? What was your favorite show in Day Sleeper?
My favorite show was at University of Southern Maine, Gorham, where we drove out of state for the first time, played for 6 people, and watched the trailer for the Speed Racer remake, just like every Day Sleeper experience.

Who were the best bass players on The Simpsons?
Already answeredddD.

What is the best pizza of all time?
Modern, even when the cheese decides to leave its close friends sauce and crust.

If there were a bass shaped like a pizza, where would be the best place to play this bass?
My mouth.

Sadie said I should ask you about Milo. How's Milo doing? Does he slobber?
He's sniffing glue. Beagles have a strong sense of smell, so he gets pretty high.

How was your recent bagel mission in Montreal?
Mission was a double success. Cinnamon raisin bagel was acquired. Plain bagel was acquired x2.

Okay, last question. I know you're tight with the Boston band Krill. If Krill were your children, where would you organize their respective birthday parties?
They are my children. I'm their dad. Their birthdays will be held inside Mike Caulo's body (I.e. Osmosis Jones). See you next Bastille Day.

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