Friday, November 29, 2013

Canti "G"

G (EP)

1. Canti - 4/5 of you (3:30)
2. Canti - I'm all washed up shore (3:10)
3. Canti - Cheer up, Chihiro! (4:21)

Dope shit from the Ovlov kids. Recorded when Steve from Ovlov lived in that upstairs area above where The Outer Space in Hamden currently exists. Other songs recorded during these sessions were eventually re-recorded for Ovlov's Am LP in 2013. Track 3, "Cheer up, Chihiro," shows up on Side A of the Slut Life comp which was issued by the creators of this very website. (And by the way, some copies still exist if anyone's interested. Leave comments of cum and let us know all about your slutty interests.)

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