Friday, November 29, 2013

Lip Keebler's Dead Wives "Buzzy Fuzzy"

Lip Keebler's Dead Wives
Buzzy Fuzzy (demo tape)

1. Dead Wives - Honeycrunch (2:24)
2. Dead Wives - Beekeeper (1:29)
3. Dead Wives - Angry Swarm (78RPM) (2:23)
4. Dead Wives - Mavis... (1:46)
5. Dead Wives - Incinerator (4:33)
6. Dead Wives - Deity (2:56)
7. Dead Wives - Don't Sweat It (3:45)
8. Dead Wives - Beez in the Trap (3:49)

After various setbacks, Dead Wives has finally posted the first volume of a planned trilogy of demo releases recorded with guidance from the elusive Lip Keebler. Released about 3 weeks ago, Buzzy Fuzzy should be followed next year by Satan Smile and Wish Upon a Pentagram. (Despite the interpretations of songs from Ween and Nicki Minaj, the other two releases will likely not include cover songs.) The song sequence of Buzzy Fuzzy loosely follows a thematic progression built around a swarm of bees that reproduces to an absurdly large size after becoming possessed by Satan.

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