Thursday, August 7, 2014

dope plane reviews: South Park, Simpsons, Eric Andre, Adventure Time, Fooly Cooly, Rocky III

Reporting live from layover in Iceland. We just watched a lot of TV for the entire ride over here. Here's what we saw:

Good Times With Weapons

Episode 1 from Season 8 of South Park, March 2004. We're guessing this was the first episode after Janet Jackson nipple thing, which was all very silly in retrospect. Our favorite part was hearing the original audio of Professor Chaos (Butters) grunting "Let's see how you like dealing with me. Mwah hahahaha!" which is used anytime you select the Professor Chaos option in The Stick of Truth. The best joke here might be the anime depiction of Cartman, whose grotesque obesity is more detailed than usual.

Das Bus
Episode 14 from Season 9 of The Simpsons. 12 or so kids from Springfield Elementary, including Milhouse, Bart and Lisa, are trapped on an island where some Lord of the Flies shit goes down. Meanwhile, Homer starts an internet-improvement business from home. We only vaguely remember this one, and the jokes are not as classic as we remembered. Our favorite joke was probably Milhouse saying something to the effect of "Come on grapefruit!" while watching it roll down the isle of Otto's bus. It presents some early examples of the stale and more formulaic jokes that would become more commonplace in future seasons, although the storyline is decent.

The Eric Andre Show, Episode 2, Season 2

Titled on Wikipedia as "Krysten Ritter; Dominic Monaghan." We watched four episodes of this show on the flight, and they all kinda blend into each other, so we won't bother reviewing them individually. Definitely best editing out of any show on TV right now, and the best editing since Tim & Eric. Fucking unreal and very funny.

Furi Kuri
The first episode of Fooly Cooly or FLCL. Dope as hell, and dense enough that it definitely requires a second viewing. So far, we gather that it's some sort of strange coming of age story with really bizarre images and an intentional attempt to confuse the viewer, like if a 3-hour David Lynch movie were condensed into 25 minutes.

Princess Day

Episode 14 from Season 6 of Adventure Time. We actually watched episodes 11 through 14, but this one (the most recent) is the one we liked the best, mostly because LSP and Marcy join forces, although they don't really accomplish a whole lot other than establishing a bond and acting like assholes. But they're both very lovable characters who we the viewers have grown to adore, like so many of our other friends in the Candy Kingdom. This may be the main reason why we haven't gone full-on rage quit on this show just yet. It seems like Season 6 may be falling into the same pit as Season 9 of The Simpsons - starting out with a bang, but almost entirely losing steam by the halfway point. Like, how much longer are we gonna have to wait to see another actual adventure featuring Finn and Jake?

Like a few episodes back, there was a story about Maja The Sky Witch stealing Princess Bubblegum's prized possession, a rock band t-shirt that was given to her by Marceline. Maja plans to use the emotional power within the t-shirt to wreak havoc on the Candy Kingdom. This seemed like a pretty compelling story, especially after the sudden resolution of the whole thing with Finn's arm. But the last we heard of that story was like 6 episodes ago (a.k.a over 2 months ago since these days it takes Cartoon Network like three weeks to air anything new).

Okay, we're exhausted and rambling, so let's move on...

Quest For Ratings

Episode 11 from Season 8 of South Park. We thought we had seen every South Park, but this was a rare fresh oldie that we only just now caught for the first time. It's not the A+ we were hoping for, although the robo-tripping sequence was dope as fuck.

The Joy of Sect

Episode 13 from Season 9 of The Simpsons. This is the one where Homer gets brainwashed by a cult after they sing "Nananananananana Lead-er" to the tune of the '60s Batman theme. It brought back some memories. Mr. Burns also tries to start his own religion during a mid-episode mini-story-arc.

Rocky III

We didn't finish it yet. The last thing we saw was Mr. T yelling at Rocky and saying he's gonna go fuck his wife and offering her the opportunity to be with a real man. For some reason, we recall Hulk Hogan's part being way more violent. Mr. T is so pissed at Rocky. But Rocky just wants to stay soft and doesn't wanna train hard like the way Mickey's been pushing him. Things are gonna get tough before they get better for Rocky.

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