Sunday, March 29, 2015

der minister i VS der minister ii

One of the big hot debates in college campus dorms right now centers around Jaap Blonk's "Der Minister I" and "Der Minister II," two songs that originally appeared on his landmark breakthrough 1992 LP Flux de Bouche. In the first version, there seems to be more consonants being added while the vowels are gradually decreasing. However in the second version, it's the vowels that increase as the consonants gradually decrease. They both start from the same place but end on opposite areas. It's a very tough call.

Many social justice clickbait journalists (including the writer of a controversial thinkpiece posted on Pitchfork during the past week) have been labelling "I" as the superior version. "'Der Minister I' is clearly the better version," wrote critic Sarah Sahim in her piece titled "The Overbearing Dopeness of 'Der Minister I'." Supporters of the #GamerGate controversy have also projected their voices in favor of this version. However, Andy Gill - vocalist from the band Gang of Four - has called these accusations "ridiculous." He is strongly in favor of "II," calling the first version "illiberal, undemocratic and anti-progressive." The fast-rising Canadian rock bros in Viet Cong were unavailable for comment, but have issued a statement saying they were "embarrassed" to have no knowledge of this controversy.

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