Monday, March 30, 2015

stellaaauuuhh (2005)

"That time we interviewed Stella" was 10 years ago this month. I remember I got pretty sick that day (resulting in a few voice cracks), and it was kinda snowy and rainy outside. And due to being sick, I was less nervous than I could have been, considering that I was asking questions to my childhood heroes.

I remember that I was more or less obsessed with Howard Stern during that time, and his direct and uncompromising interviewing style influenced me to ask questions that I probably would not have considered asking today. This is mostly referring to a couple Q's from earlier in the interview when I asked whether they only appeared on I Love the '80s and other VH1 specials for the money or if it was something they actually enjoyed - a rude question in retrospect, but whatever. It happened. (Their answer was basically "both.")

I remember Eugene Mirman was the opening act, and that I could have easily asked him some stuff as well, but my co-host (who took some sweet photos and videos) and I were too tired and I was feeling crummy. (I recall watching Eugene and Stella's set from a table close to the exit on the side of the room far away from where everyone else was standing because I was too unwell to stand up for an hour straight. No big deal though, since this was probably my 5th time seeing Stella.) In retrospect, we probably should have collected our energy enough to ask Eugene some Q&A.

It seems kinda silly now, but this was def a huge checkpoint-type event. An early "achievement unlocked" moment from my 20s. Every Stella short that got posted was like a huge event in those days. After meeting them in person, most other celebrity encounters that I've had didn't seem as important.

(Although two weeks ago, I did sit on a couch next to Killer Mike, who is probably the most intimidating rock star I've ever seen up close. I said hello to El-P, but it was tough to get up the nerve to say hi to Mike. An hour or 2 later, their group Run The Jewels was attacked by a crazed fan who rushed their stage. And afterwards in the empty alley where Killer Mike was being ushered to his car I yelled out "Yo, fuck that dude! That guy sucks!" so at least I said something.)

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