Thursday, November 12, 2015

The New Shit Radar: Nov 12, 2015 (Stove, Dornik, Palm, Migos, R. Ring and more)

Only 12% of 2015 left to go. Way too many year-end lists start to give up around this time, but finishing strong is the key. There's a lot out there that you might have missed, and that's when The New Shit Radar comes to the rescue. You never know until you try it.

Stove "Lowt Ide Fins"
THE FADER says: "[It] makes you feel feels even when you're not exactly sure why." Hell yeah, dude. Let's feel some feels. Stove Is Stupider is out in 8 days. Get hyped:

Surface To Air Missive "Everyone's Nobody"
The Bandcamp link labels this as a non-album track, which is crazy sounding to us because this jam rips and cuts. One video from an LP2 track did emerge back in August, and although they just finished up yet another U.S. tour with Of Montreal, no actual release date has been announced just yet.

New Dornik Video: "Strong"
A new video from one of the more probable inclusions in our top 20 LPs of 2015.

New Daniel Johnston Documentary, Hi, How Are You?, Now Has a Trailer
Check it out over here:

Palm "Doggy Doctor" Reviewed on Pitchfork
Congrats to Palm for gaining one of the fastest growing fanbases of any band we've seen throughout 2015. Their new single kicks serious ace. Here's the Pitchfork review:

Migos Announce Their "Hottest Air Jordans of Alltime" List
Some hot shit right here:

Trust Fund "Dreams"
New shit from the wild and bratty punks with the most adorable smiles ever:

Frankie Cosmos "Young"
In Goodfellas when Frankie Carbone is like "ey, che si dice? como se va?"

The Drummer from R. Ring Has a New Skate Video
If it's the same dude who we saw slowly headbanging behind the super minimal drumkit back in July, we fully support viewing this in its entirety:

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