Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Human Garbage

Wow, our blog is the worst it's ever been. LOL. We just got done posting the top 5000 songs of all time that came out during a year that feels like it happened about 7 years ago, so everything here is just great. The only other thing we've done here in 2017 is embedding MTVZ, but besides that it's a whole lotta nothin.

so Taste My Kids is fucking dead. Yeah, DEAD.

Well, as long as we're dead and as long as no one is reading, it's probably about time we started getting into some hot takes.

Hot Take #1: Calls us a buncha nutsos if you'd like, but we're starting to think this guy Trump might be a huge jerk. There's something off about him. Not sure what it is exactly, but we're not really into the cut of his jib. Nothing concrete yet, but it's possible the guy is a big jerk or at the very least a nazi apologist or something. The internet hasn't really been providing very much evidence to back this up, and it's tough to find info on this strangely uncovered media story, but we may provide more updates on this as they become available.

Hot Take #2: Go ahead and use the term "alt-left" as much as you want as long as you're ok with everyone knowing that you are a nazi apologist.

Hot Take #3: Jerkass doucheface fuckhead needs a zingier handle. As a nickname, "45" feels too forced. Why not choose a nickname with some sexy zing to it like "President Human Garbage?"

Hot Take #4: Eeeewwww poor people. So gross, right? Like I can't even. When I see them, I'm just like, "I can't even right now." I dunno, like, why don't they just ask their dad for a job or something? Or I don't know, just like go to Starbucks and fill out an application. I mean, it's not that hard. Or maybe try like Quicken Loans or Cheesecake Factory. Just like, I dunno, just get a life, right? lmao

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