Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Check Out Our Entire Huge "25 Years Of B&B" Feature

We hope everyone loved our huge B&B extravaganza!

Its purpose was to sorta get the wheels of blogging momentum back in motion again, inspiring more TMK content. (In case any readers haven't noticed, we still haven't finished or posted any of "Straight Fire Mix 2017" just yet, because we're really having trouble thinking of anything interesting to say.) We're probably going to be wrapping up this blog for good within the next two years. And if that's gonna be the case, we'd prefer to not abandon this project entirely.

In either case, we can honestly say that this huge Beavis and Butthead feature was breezy and very fun to throw together.

We can't believe there were seven parts to this thing. Here they are, all collected in one spot:

Chapter 1: "25 Years Of Buffcoat and Beaver"

Chapter 2: "The Banned B&B Episodes of 1993"

Chapter 3: "Beavis & Butthead's Greatest Hits"

Chapter 4: "Who is the #1 Artist in B&B History? and other fun stats"

Chapter 5: "The 8 Best and 4 Worst Adventures Of B&B (According to IMDB)"

Chapter 6: "That One Episode When Beavis Scored"

Chapter 7: "Beavis and Butthead's Favorite Videos 1995-2018"

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