Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lost Album "Surface II Air Missive" Gets Released

Surface II Air Missive by Surface to Air Missive - the band's lost 2nd album, intended for release between their 2013 self-titled debut and 2015's Third Missive - was finally posted on the band's recently launched Bandcamp page this past Monday.

An EP of 2016-era leftovers called the "I Fell In" EP was posted on the same day.

The lost 2nd album arrived with a disclaimer: "This album was rejected by a lot of labels."

How is there any hope left for any rock bands or rock fans when a record this amazing can't get released on an independent label? How many more terrible bands are going to get signed between now and the end of this decade? How much longer must we be forced to hear old people complain about the state of rock music? All the while, amazing bands like Surface To Air Missive keep getting ignored.

"People just don't like rock music anymore." Bullshit they don't.

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