Wednesday, July 17, 2019

MTVZ June 2019 Is Hotter Than July

We've been slacking on the most obvious shit, which is content that is already good and ready to post here, like the most recent MTVZ which we've heard a lot of people raving as "not as good as the last one but still good."

We've noticed that the most recent YouTube update (for Chromecast or FireStick or other streaming devices) has fixed the flow of the videos so that it actually kinda looks like you're watching real TV now. We feel like most people just want to cherry pick the stuff they like from the playlist, which is also fine. But in case you just want some dope background noise while vacuuming, or if you need something to leave on while no one else is in the house to repel prowlers, MTVZ June 2019 is a better choice than Netflix or Hulu because there's no algorithm determining the next thing to play after another video is finished. Instead, the next video was determined by us. And it will not eventually lead to Gangnam Style. MTVZ is "the hottest jam out there." It's a fact.

Let's find out how Stevie Wonder feels about MTVZ.

Oh nice, Stevie Wonder says it's Hotter Than July. We are officially Stevie approved, even though he doesn't want to actually watch it because he is blind.

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