Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Mysterious Case of Outlaw Order

If you scroll down a bit to our "best albums of 2009" feature, you'll see Outlaw Order's physical release of Dragging Down The Enforcer resting comfortably around the #16 position. Intrigued by the lyrical subject matter, we did some very quick digging and located a factoid at Metal-Archives:

The band is named Outlaw Order because at the time of the band's formation all 5 of the members were on probation. They have consistently been in trouble with the law. Their concepts and lyrics focus on crime themes as well.

Mark Schultz had to leave the band to serve a prison sentence and was replaced by Justin Grisoli, then by Pat Bruders.

This helps provide some context for their song titles and helps explain why Legalize Crime was the title of their debut EP and helps explain why it took them 5 years to record a follow up.

However, upon 5 more seconds of digging, we found their promo photo and assumed it must be a joke. "Wait a sec, this is just a photo of Eyehategod. What's going on here?"

Well, that's sort of true. Mike is the vocalist, and Brian is the guitarist, who are def both in this photo. And the drummer who sadly passed away is also in that photo. The one member of Outlaw Order who was never in Eyehategod is a dude who used to be in the fellow New Orleans band Crowbar. It's cool that their probation officers were down to accommodate. Mystery solved.

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