Monday, December 30, 2019

Viddles 2019 #2: Jocko "Muddy Waters"

Happy 2nd birthday to "Muddy Waters." The song dropped alongside its video exactly two years ago on December 30, 2017. Despite the glaring discrepancy in calendar year, we made a vow to include it in Viddles 2019 since it brightened up our cloudy year on multiple occasions. It includes the best hackysack sequence in a video since "Say It Ain't So." And there's also hockey. The drummer intentionally resembles Andy Warhol and is intentionally playing quietly so that they don't disturb the neighbors. We later learned the female guest vocalist is not one of the band members, but she shows up for the shoot and gets the shopping cart all to herself. Everyone in this video looks like they could severely kick all of our asses. It's wonderful.

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