Sunday, August 23, 2009

I actually bought an album today (Or: Kellii Scott's new band just fucked my face)

This is a first for me.. I've never paid for a download LP before.. I was in Boston the other day playing drums and I met a friendly dude who said he was in a band called Brontosaur.. I'm pretty sure this is their myspace and it's good stuff. The singing reminds me of Steve Albini. I'm into it.

However this is not the band whose album I downloaded.

Here's what happened.. while I was searching for that myspace a few hours ago, I found ANOTHER band with the same name from Los Angeles.. Turns out this is Kellii Scott's new band.. Kellii used to be in Failure, and Blinker The Star and apparently was in Veruca Salt at some point.. and now he's in The Brontosaur. Based on a review I've read, their self-titled release is a concept album about saving a race of alien dinosaurs from extinction. I recommend streaming "Two Aeronauts Explode," "This Is Not A Paradise" and "One" from their myspace. I was impressed enough that this ended up being the first mp3 album I've ever bought.. for a cool $9.99. I'd say it was worth it.

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