Thursday, September 10, 2009

new links section, guys.. peep

Our friends at glitterpie were cool enough to throw a link to Taste My Kids on their blog.. I don't think I have any other friends who are currently blogging in any form about things other than themselves, so I'll just post the same link again...


It seems to be a compilation of visually intense internet media. I could get lost watching all the youtube links.. Yeah anyway, I also put a link to the new WXCI page in the links section because I needed more than 1 link or else it would look awkward.

For those not in the know, over the summer I relaunched a radio show on WXCI called "Late Night Noise" which is late Monday nights at 11:30. I actually had to resubmit my show proposal to the program directors last night. It sounds like they're into the idea...

-Late Night Noise-
Time: Monday nights from 11:30PM until 1AM (or later)

Genre/tone: Experimental, noise, chaotic, ambient, blackmetal, bizarre, drone, sludge

Proposal: Late Night Noise will be filling a void of more experimental radio on WXCI. The show's "late night" format encourages late night driving, or winding down the day, falling asleep to general weirdness. "Late night" also makes it less awkward for the playlist to become more adventurous, or more varied, and occasionally more annoying. One description often used on the show: "If the CD starts skipping mid-song, it would probably go unnoticed."

Bands: Black Dice, Liars, Wolf Eyes, early Animal Collective, Can, Sunn 0))), Electric Wizard, Acid Mothers Temple, Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead, Oneida, Ween, Boredoms, Butthole Surfers, Coil, Yoko Ono, Current 93, etc

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