Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NEW NEWS: Weezer & Weezy = Together At Last

RE: http://pitchfork.com/news/36636-lil-wayne-raps-on-new-weezer-album/

Something about starting this new blog all fresh only a month ago.. I feel as though I almost need to re-introduce myself to anyone who may actually stumble across this dump at some point.. On the old Taste My Kids, one topic that was discussed at great lengths was the second coming of Weezer, which eventually grew into discussion regarding how insane their career has gotten ever since the turn of the decade.

I've always loved their first 5 singles ever since their initial release in the 90's. I have vivid memories of my first time hearing "Undone - The Sweater Song" played on New Haven's KC101 (a top 40 station which likely was also spinning Boyz II Men at some point that afternoon) while my dad was driving me home on a Sunday afternoon in August 1994. I immediately recognized it as something new, different and fucking awesome. However, I had this weird brain malfunction at the time which caused me to be unsure about purchasing new music on CD (plus the fact that I was 14 and had no money), so I didn't end up buying The Blue Album until September 1998 during my first semester at college. Much later, I was brainfucked after my first listen through Pinkerton which I copied from one of my college roommates and kept in my car's tapedeck for the majority of March 1999.

Discovering Radiohead, Ween and Weezer, and re-discovering Nirvana around the same time, all within a 2-year period (97-99), at that age, was a musical rush I will likely never be able to experience a second time. I loved a thousand other bands around that time also, but these are the bands whose 90's output I grew to learn backwards.

So, it's needless to go further about it.. Weezer was very important to me. And their numerous WTF moments between The Green Album and Raditude have bewildered me to the point where I can't help but have so much to say about it.

For example, why the FUCK is Lil Wayne appearing on Weezer's new album?

"No matter what you think about Weezer in 2009, you have to admit: their new album, Raditude, has piqued your curiosity."

Actually, no. Not this time. I've been tricked by Weezer too many times to fall for this again.. I may as well just repeat what I had to say in the review of Weezer's Red Album single "Troublemaker" that appeared at #6 on the "Guilty pleasure singles of 2008" .. I always get pumped for every new Weezer album because there's always that thought in my head that thinks Rivers might be able to tap back into his old quirky methods of songcraft. And then you actually listen to the album and you get "We Are All On Drugs" or "Glorious Day." It's not worth psyching yourself into. Weezer is done. They are essentially Green Day, in that they are now a completely different band. There's no use in praying that Matt Sharp or the Moog synths will be returning. We're best off just putting our own bands together and trying to sound like old school Weezer. In fact, I might just do that right now.

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