Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HEY, NICE VIDS 2010: #1 El Guincho "Bombay"

One of the first things that got posted on the "blog" version of this website was the long overdue 20 Best Promo Videos Ever feature which had Jay-Z's "99 Problems" in at #1. I haven't done a side-by-side comparison just yet, but I've been starting to wonder if there is possibly a new #1 video of all time, and if "Bombay" is that video. I still may need some time to sort out the whole thing, but this just might be the most strikingly beautiful, exciting, and evocative promotional video ever made for a song. I'm pretty sure it's better than the whole of Holy Mountain. And of course, who can really understate the importance of just how outstandingly perfect every pair of titties in this video truly is. The director's pitch for the bonus of all bonuses: "Hey El Guincho, I have a tremendously great idea for your new video. Let's not only compile a shitload of cinematically gorgeous shots, and not only make it insane as fuck, but let's also fill up a good 50-60% of the video with beautiful women flashing around those lovely cans of theirs. Does this possibly sound like something you might be interested in?"

Well I suppose there was risk involved, because if the director didn't know what he was doing, obviously this would have looked like a distasteful mess, objectifying all those poor young girls. And things might have gone downhill for El Guincho very quickly. But luckily, the video turned out amazing. And yes, THIS SHIT RULES. Also bonus points for band performance, of course.. And even the shots of the band are awesome! Everyone looks like they had a blast making this thing. Contagious.

El Guincho - Bombay from CANADA on Vimeo.

P.S. A few issues should be addressed here... Why is El Guincho always so concerned with audio recordings? Why is he in the middle of the woods when 2 shirtless chicks force him out of hiding with guns? And generally speaking, what's up with all the guns? Aside from the boobies, it's the most prominent recurring image in this video. Why does that dude want to shoot the poor stuffed panda bear? Did panda make it out of there okay? What became of the girl who was chloroformed? Or vacuum dude? Or baghead pianist? So many questions...

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