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2010's Greatest Hits #80 to #71

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80 The Arcade Fire “Modern Man”

Since reading Pitchfork’s review where they compared its unraveling nature to four double-albums from the 1980’s, it’s been easy to consider “The Suburbs” in this respect, with the first four songs comprising a very strong Side A. Suckers for odd time signatures (aka douchebag Steely Dan fans) will dig the extra notes in each measure. AM Gold got trendy.

79 The Vaselines “Sex With An X”
It’s like they never left, evoking the best and sunniest 60’s bubblegum and immediately showing the new-school hipster whippersnappers (hipster-snappers?) how it’s done. Sun shines in the bedroom when they play; the raining always starts when they go away.

78 Washed Out “You And I”
90% of the reason why this is here is because of the tasty “Lucky Star” sample.

77 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Little Wig”
Before Today gets held together by the “AM Gold On Acid” concept*, with approximately the same amount of subtle humor found in the amazing video for the b-side “A Mistaken Wedding,” which randomly seemed to just somehow appear on Youtube over the summer, seeming to suggest that its creators had no recollection of putting it together. "Little Wig" adds hints of lounge and 70's classic rock to the AM Gold/hallucinogens combination. Very tasty.

*Fully aware of the copious amounts of LAME that comes with the “[fill-in-the-blank] on acid” cliché, but I mean.. that’s exactly what it sounds like.

76 Deftones “Diamond Eyes”
New sad statistic: 4 out of 5 rock reunions will be disappointing and depressingly shitty. In a year with new releases from Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden AND Alice In Chains (the most recent of which was STP’s 2001 LP), you’d figure there might be at least one good song amongst any of these, which was sadly untrue. The other proven statistic is that the bands who stick together fuck shit up together, and Deftones have yet to release an album without at least a handful of great songs. Chino may be coked up, but still delivers the goods, while the rhythm section still presents some of the darkest riffs and finest drumming out there. Please Deftones, for the good of rock, don’t ever split up. We need you more than ever.

75 Big Boi “Daddy Fat Sax”
There’s one keyboard patch in this that sounds like A Tribe Called Quest, and most of the rest sounds like Outkast rapping over Three 6 Mafia beats. No complaints here.

74 Tyler The Creator feat. Earl Sweatshirt “Assmilk”

Tyler and Earl seem to be the most winning combination within the Odd Future collective, and a collaborative duo worth getting excited about. “Assmilk” is their “trading eights” jam, with the two respective parts backed by viciously clashing keyboard hooks. Earl’s sounds like a warped 45 of “Strawberry Fields” compared to Tyler’s which is closer to Rammstein or an abrasive blackmetal intro.

73 Eric Copeland “Fun Dink Death”
Balls Trippin’ Beach Party 1965.

72 Drake “Over”
Drake should never be considered a serious artist, even though all major music publications seem to enjoy massaging this dude’s ballsack to the point of pre-cum. Nobody I know in real life (aka real people, outside of the music press) takes this guy seriously AT ALL, especially those who remember him from Degrassi The Next Generation. One somewhat accurate comparison I heard this year was Alanis Morrisette, who also gained notoriety as an occasional cast member on a Canadian kids show who then later got her balls massaged by the likes of MTV, Rolling Stone and Top 40 radio.

Although “Over” sounds like second-tier Lil Wayne, the chorus is strong enough to be considered among the year’s most memorable moments, even though it’s all mostly lulz... "What am I doin'? Oh yeah, that's right, I'm doin' me..." Right on.

71 Holy Ghost “Static On The Wire”
Still waiting on a full-length from these guys, especially after 2006’s “Hold On” single (still holds up as one of the best of the 2000’s) and the Static On The Wire EP is showing some promise for a sick LP in the (hopefully near) future.

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