Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dead Wives "Demon Priest"

Dead Wives
"Demon Priest" (Demo tape)

1. Dead Wives - Horrified (2:34)
2. Dead Wives - Good Suffering (2:39)
3. Dead Wives - Action Park (4:54)
4. Dead Wives - Allergic (2:30)
5. Dead Wives - Don't Stop Bleeding (3:40)
6. Dead Wives - Witch Trials (4:35)

Does this look like a real album blog yet? Am I fooling everyone nicely? So yes, here it is... The first ever album blog post for t.scene releases. Dead Wives last demo tape was called Hellrazor which, despite the name, was far less abrasive than Demon Priest. I'm not sure what else to say about it...

Dead Wives is currently searching for performance venues, since the band has never played a show. (Four shows were scheduled between late-May and mid-June of this year, but all had to be cancelled for one reason or another.)

I should probably mention here that I'm in the band Dead Wives, and I normally record the demo tapes on my own. If you're looking for a focus track from Demon Priest to start with, I might recommend "Don't Stop Bleeding," and for anyone who was wondering, yes the song title is a reference to Journey. "Good Suffering" is an excerpt from a 12- or 13-minute-long experimental tape, recorded in April or May of 2009 by my friend Dan and myself. The song title is a quote from the movie Hellraiser. "Action Park" was named after the park in New Jersey, which I was fortunate enough to experience without dying in the summer of 1995. Some of these songs may be performed live in the future, and some may not.. Collections such as these are mostly just about trying out new ideas and seeing what works.

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