Monday, January 9, 2012

New Post: New Music "New Clothes, New Shoes"

More news about Pill from RapFix.Mtv.Com:

Two weeks ago the Atlanta MC hopped on Twitter and expressed his frustration with his label. Many believed that Pill’s tweets were aimed at Rick Ross and his Warner Bros. distributed-label, Maybach Music Group, but that isn’t exactly the case. Pill revealed to MTV News that he was never technically signed to MMG even though he was featured heavily on MMG’s Self Made Vol. 1. The rapper’s contract he says was directly with Warner. "I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already," Pill revealed to MTV News Tuesday.

So the full-length that we've been endlessly waiting on is due to legal/record label issues? LAME. He hasn't even released one LP yet. Save the drama for yo mama.

On the positive-side of things, a new Pill mixtape called The Epidemic is scheduled for release very soon.

In the meantime here's Pill's new video, showing the lonelier and more paranoid aspects of hustling:

Pill - New Clothes, New Shoes (Official Video) from PIDoubleL on Vimeo.

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