Sunday, February 5, 2012

"OG Simpson"

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we'd like to post our alltime favorite song about football...

We remember enjoying Moistboyz back when we were in our "complete-ist Ween discography / must collect every Ween thing ever" phase, which was prolly around late-1998.... At the time, there were only two Moistboyz LP's...

However, throughout all of their releases, the only one of their songs that ever stood out to us as memorable is the non-album A-side "OG Simpson," mostly thanks to Dean Ween's sick guitar-riff and Dickey Moist's admittedly brilliant lyrics (which we're almost ashamed to label as such)... A few of us still have the words completely memorized... Looks like this is the only copy of this song on the entire internet as of this moment, complete with OJ rants, although the original rant is still the A+ version: "Mickey, I can't believe this BULLSHIT they doin' to OG, my man OG, they used to call him The Juice! He was runnin' down the sideline man.. He was a Moistboy one-hundred percent! He had the 411!" (Warning: This guy says "the n-word," but it's punk rock, so we can forgive them...)

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