Thursday, March 8, 2012

david bowie live at the 10 spot 10/14/97

Senior year of high school was probably the only time I didn't hate public school, partially due to fun memories like this (mostly due to having practically no homework for a year straight)... On the day this David Bowie concert was shown on MTV, I heard some kids talking about it at school, and there was some promotion for it in the newspaper as well.. The Rolling Stones got sick or something, and so David Bowie had to fill-in for the premiere episode of this "live concert" MTV show... And it seemed like a big deal because of people talking about it, so I raced home after getting out of marching band practice (lol) at 9PM to tape it at 10, and this turned into the night I got really into David Bowie...

I know we say "this is the best thing that was ever on MTV" pretty often on this website, but seriously THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING THING EVER ON MTV.

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