Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Ima Eat Her A$$"

The past 2-3 days have presented quite a few noteworthy song debuts... In addition to the new Silversun and Japandroids (both posted earlier), there's the new Broken Water and while we're getting somewhat used to weird-news from The Flaming Lips, we are somewhat excited to hear a song they recorded with Ke$ha and Biz Markie called "2012," simply out of sheer curiosity.

Oddly enough, even Bieber's new single sounds decently fresh.

However, we're slowly starting to get tired of the Lil B thing. This would not fall into our 10 favorite songs that we've discovered this weekend. Like, once upon a time back in the late 90's, Ol Dirty Bastard was both interesting and funny while doing the "obliviously dumb rapper" thing, while Lil B is neither interesting nor funny. The music is not exciting and it's actually difficult to get through 45 seconds of this. Apparently there's a good "ab lib" section to this song, but we weren't able to get that far. In either case, hipsters will be shitting themselves in amazement when they wake up to this Wednesday morning...

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