Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T.Scene Newsletter: March 2012


Our SLUT LIFE cassette-comp is complete and has started making the rounds. A few of the artists on this tape have been psyched & generous enough to dub additional copies and spread the love! So it's likely that this tape will stretch beyond the initial run of 60 copies. If all goes well, it should be available to stream online at some point, with a "Side A" stream and a "Side B" stream so that the track order stays intact, and so those who weren't able to receive a copy can still listen in their cars with a Bandcamp phone app or by downloading SideA.mp3 and SideB.mp3. Here's one of our special correspondents being lame and showing off the goods...

In addition to this, T.Scene has begun a temporary cassette-label of sorts... The first four releases have been announced as the following:

TS01 Lowt Ide / Dead Wives "Alanis More-Cassette / Jomo Coffin" (split) released 2/7/12
TS02 Dead Wives "Crud" released 2/7/12
TS03 Various Artists "Slut Life" released 3/22/12
TS04 Speedy Ortiz "The Death of Speedy Ortiz" released 3/22/12

TS02 and TS04 are re-issues of online releases, while TS01 and TS03 are both compilations. We have no expectations for this label to take-off and become a huge deal, and so these may end up being the only four T.Scene cassette releases.

In any case, all four tapes will be available this week at the following shows featuring our pals in SPEEDY ORTIZ and GRASS IS GREEN...
3/28/12: Flying Object in Northampton, Mass (with WENDY XU)
3/29/12: Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY (with DIEHARD, SHARK? and SQUAREHEAD)
3/30/12: Wesleyan College in Middletown, CT (with TWO INCH ASTRONAUT and POOLS ARE NICE)
3/31/12: Wacky Castle in Allston, MA (with PILE, FAT HISTORY MONTH and STATE CHAMPION)

In addition to a shit-ton of shows, SPEEDY ORTIZ have also finished recording Sports EP which is due for release in late-May on Exploding In Sound Records. EIS posted a press release on March 12, while Speedy themselves released a digital-single a week prior:

The "Taylor Swift" single was met with mild controversy due to alleged "trademark infringement," but as the saying goes, any press is good press... And the single has continued making the rounds on the blog-circuit, detailed at Speedy's official Livejournal page.

HUGE NEWS from LOWT IDE has arrived with the completely unexpected announcement that they have actually finished their 5th album after 3 years of on-and-off recording. While it's currently still in the mastering stages, the half-band/half-social-experiment maintains that Tag Sale, due for release on April 9th, was allegedly produced by an Al-Qaeda leader and will include 19 new songs. More info on this coming soon. In the meantime, we forgot to announce in our February newsletter that they also uploaded their 2009 album The CEO's Collection onto Bandcamp:

No official word from DEAD WIVES regarding any recording or forthcoming shows, although their live EP ended up actually happening... The idea was in limbo for a while, but it's been released on their Soundcloud page, suggesting this as another "demo" release...

That's all for this hour. More announcements are comin' real soon!

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