Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blogger Stats revealed: The 5 most important things ever on Taste My Kids

Huge revelations today...

As we get used to blogger/blogspot's new format, we've discovered our new favorite part of this upgrade: Blogger Stats. Thanks to this handy feature, we now understand more about trends and random Googlers finding their way to some unexpected areas of this website. And with assistance from blogger stats, the 5 most important "Taste My Kids" moments of all time have been revealed...........

#5, January 9, 2012: TMK posts a bummer video song from Pill and got more bummed about having to wait longer for the album

Pill fans couldn't believe what they were seeing as Pill unveils the "New Clothes New Shoes" video. Things just haven't been the same ever since.

#4, February 1, 2010: We googled "Jersey Shore gifs" and posted a bunch of them

Apparently Taste My Kids contains one of the finest, the most fabulous and most complete collections of Jersey Shore Season 1 gifs.

#3, January 17, 2011: The Bieber-Lil Wayne hybrid thing.

We actually got excited for a second, at the idea that maybe, just possibly, people actually thought one of our best posts ever was actually interesting or funny. But instead, google stats reveal the large amount of pageviews for "The Worst Songs of 2010" is mostly from people who wanted to see Weezey/Bieb and not because people enjoyed anything we had to say. (Also cracks are beginning to form in our archives as many of the pictures we lazily embedded have been taken down.. Also, Soundcloud changed their embed formatting recently, so both "2010's Greatest Hits" and "Hot Mix 2011" look a lot more awkward and ugly than they did a few months ago...)

#2, July 26, 2010: Chicks who want to bone Aphex Twin googled for him and got us

#1, December 1, 2010: We posted a picture of someone who isn't Earl Sweatshirt

3,038 pageviews from Googlers wondering where Earl disappeared to. Some of our most important work, clearly. Thanks for the support.

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