Wednesday, May 9, 2012

t.scene newsletter may 2012 (part 1)


Since there was no April newsletter we'll just make up for it by doing 2 May newsletters, which works out fine since we're prolly going to forget to mention something important anyway...

Got damn, too much news.
Our slutty little comp SLUT LIFE has officially made it onto da bandcamp profile.... We figured cassettes are a somewhat polarizing format for a comp. (About half of our friends love cassettes to death, while the other half would prefer to never see them again.) And for this reason, a bandcamp upload was deemed necessary....

In other news, SPEEDY ORTIZ played a buncha bigass shows.....
Speedy plans to slow it down throughout May and June while gearing up for summer tour, although the weekend of May 31st will include a string of shows intended as "SPORTS E.P. RELEASE WEEK." Here's what the schedule looks like...
  • Tuesday, May 22 at Babetown (Amherst, MA) w/ CALIFORNIA X, LIFE IN VACUUM, PEACE BE STILL and YOU'LL LIVE
  • Wednesday, May 30th at O'Brien's (Allston, MA) w/ GRASS IS GREEN, YOUNG ADULTS and ARVID NOE
  • Friday, June 1st at Heirloom Arts Theater (Danbury, CT) w/ ESTROGEN HIGHS, OVLOV, DISCO DOOM and EASTWOOD
  • Saturday, June 2nd at Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY) w/ DISCO DOOM and a debut performance from CENSUS featuring members of buzz band CULTS

  • T.SCENE is proud to announce that we will be joining forces with HIDDEN TEMPLE TAPES for the limited edition cassette release of Sports E.P.. More info on that coming soon...

    Just last week, HIDDEN TEMPLE released their 10th cassette, a split by RAISED RANCH and SAM GAS CAN which can now be downloaded from their website along with the rest of the Hidden Temple catalog.

    On the fateful evening of Monday, April 23rd, HIDDEN TEMPLE stopped by the studios of WXCI for a specially programmed evening of music, which also included a live performance from T.Scene affiliates EMPTY WOMB, a band who has more than likely already changed their name twice since that broadcast... The band features members of OVLOV, DEAD WIVES and THE SCREW-UPS. Pictures and a playlist from that broadcast is available at our sister blog Late Night Noise.

    And speaking of OVLOV, their recent hiatus has happily come to a close! They've begun gearing up for the summer with sporadic local performances... Check Ovlov's facebook page for more info.

    DEAD WIVES has announced a few shows as well... Check Dead Wives' twitter for more info...

    That's all for this hour... More announcements should be arriving within a couple weeks!

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