Monday, May 21, 2012

You better beleive we're settn mad fires this week

The bigness of tomorrow has the potential to free ourselves from the shackles and receive the JUST ONE HIT that FINAL HIT that ends it all, and you can continue with your life without relapse. When he told me spacemen over the hill, cabs all along the truck, better than caboose, a beaker leader, and cash that in before they suspect any drama. Wall patterns started it up again.. old man in the corner started just pointing his face out of the wall. Let's get a closer look. It wasn't the same dark waterfalls. "I'm just gazing at you." It was confusing. Opportunity dissappears. It's there, and it rules, and then I fuck it up. One in a million.

We are like SOOoooooooooooo 12 days late to pretty much every party ever. Thisi s the kind if artist who you mention to friends who are cooler than you and they're like 'Yeah, uh huh, uh sooo what this was a big deal on my news face totally back on like May 8th, you can't be for real right now.

SPIN's greatest guitar players of all time presenteed some opportunity for tarnish. #5 D.Boom:

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