Thursday, May 31, 2012

ween non-album tracks

We've gone through some phases in life... During a couple of these phases, we became somewhat obsessed with collecting every song Ween has ever recorded or released in any form, including non-album tracks, side projects, live covers and interesting alternate versions. Over time, we've figured out that they probably have twice as many of these as they do songs on the officially released LP's. (So if there's 9 Ween albums, they probably could've released more than 20 without repeating songs, plus the Z-Rock Hawaii LP and the 5 Moistboyz records.)

In 2005, 12 of these songs that we had (mostly) never heard before were remixed/remastered and packaged as Shinola Volume 1, which has earned its place amongst their best late-period releases. (We heard a bad-quality version of their Thin Lizzy tribute "Gabrielle" a year earlier.. The remixed version blows it away, obviously.) Now that decisions regarding Ween releases have kinda been pushed aside, it's sadly looking like there will never be a Volume 2, 3 or 4, even though they probably could've kept it going for 10 more of these.

So yeah, let's post a bunch of em.... That's our plan. Not necessarily our ideal "Shinola Volume 2" playlist.. But just some favorites from over the years....

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