Friday, September 14, 2012


People are sick of this shit but whatever

Real quick.

It's ok we're gonna continue with this real quick, it'll be good.

INTRO: 1996 was quite a time. Fuckin douchebags throwin around devil-sticks and t-shirts that say "NO FEAR" it was not cool. Don't let anyone try to tell you it was cool because it ate the pile of shit. Fuck this fucking year.

This week we're up to #233...

#233: Pist-On "Grey Flap"

"Thank you for being so bold!" And then the girl enters the shot lookin' sad and super fucking 90s. Peter Steele did a better job but that's ok.

#232: R.Kelly "Down Low"

I think this one might actually suck. R Kelly fucked up and The Isley Brother kicks his ass and he's like "Father forgive me."

#231: Local H "Fritz's Corner"

Joe D murdering the kit

#230: Ghostface Killah "Daytona 500"

Speedy racer got all the workd done for these guys. Straight up hype

#229: Akinyele "Put In In My Mouth"

fuck theres no fucking video for this

#228: Toni Braxton "Youre Making Me High"

The 90's had a lot of videos where girls are sitting in a room and talking about really annoying loud bullshit. This video responds excellently by cutting out the audio of that convversatino.

#227: Death Lurks "Some Days It's Dark

The 90s had a lot of scenes from movies where they would put kids in the middle of an alt-rock or metal concert like The Bosstones in Clueless or Sugar Ray in that fucking Chevy Chase movie Fathers Day or some shit, and of course Cannibal Corpse in Ace Ventura and the Death Lurks scene is not relaly anything like any of these.

#226: Tom Petty "Asshole"

Ok this is bullshit, there's no video for Tom Petty singing "Asshole." Really uncool guys.

#225: Replicants "Destination Unknown"

Ken Andrews being all serious. the old guy next to him hangs out at the mall

#224: Tupac "I ain't Mad At Cha"

Tupac got shot in this one. He did all his own stunts but this one cost him a tune to the sum of 40 million dollars worth of death because he's dead.

#223: Tracy Chapman "Give Me One Reason To Stay Here"

Nothin beats the originality and unpredictably of the 12-bar-blues. This was up for like grammy awards n shit sounds like jokes. good kareoke song.

#222: Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People"

This song has a fat head-nodding groove and you want to dance around fuck you. Manson just wanted the kids to dance. nothing wrong with that.

#221: Tuscadero "Hollywood Handsome"

Oh cool I did'nt know they had more than 1 song.

#220: Spooky Ruben "Running Away"

oh shit he's running away

#219: Donna Lewis "I Love You Always Forever"

Is this song any good?

#218: Toadies "Away"

totally not ashamed that we still listen to this album A LOT
Let's keep this the fuck goin on

#217: Dr Octagon "No Awareness"

foodoos is battle ytou end up in the body

#216: Radiohead "Talk show host"

Look at these fucking guys they love the movie so much they made a video for the song fucknow im sleeping

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